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Is Your Car Making You Sick?

Is Your Car Making You Sick?

Is Your Car Making You Sick?

New technologies in auto detailing offer protection from harmful bacteria

Did you know that the average vehicle is a breeding ground for germs? In a recent study done by the University of Arizona, they found an average of 350 types of bacteria in a random sample of vehicles in the United States. 2 percent of the vehicles sampled were found to have the multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). MRSA is a highly dangerous bacterial infection that is difficult to treat due to its ability to resist traditional antibiotics. The most alarming fact? The highest amount of bacteria was found in cars used by families. This means that children are very frequently exposed to harmful bacteria while doing something as seemingly benign as riding in the family vehicle. The heaviest concentration of bacteria was found on dashboards. There was actually 10 times more bacteria found on dashboards then radio knobs. Other facts:

  • Vehicles owned by women have more bacteria
  • SUVs and vans tended to have more bacteria (it was hypothesized that this is because of the higher number of people that can fit in them)
  • Cars in cities with a lower annual mean temperature have more bacteria

There have been recent advancements in technology that have helped combat the issue. Detroit native and engineer Emmanuel Williams developed a (now patented) method of ridding vehicles of virtually all bacteria using the power of steam. It’s an auto detailing service that combines technological innovation and environmental conservation. The system uses 100 percent organic cleaning products and requires on average only a single pint of water to clean an entire vehicle. The temperature of the steam effectively kills bacteria without harming the integrity of the vehicle whatsoever. Williams opened the world’s first eco friendly car cleaning company in 2006 and has since expanded into a franchise operation with locations scattered across a vast quantity of the continental United States.

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