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International Franchise Expo 2017

International Franchise Expo 2017

Whether you’re somebody who is considering owning a franchise or already operating one, the International Franchise Expo 2017 (IFE) is an event you should not miss. It gives you the chance to meet like-minded individuals and opens your mind to a wide variety of business opportunities you might be interested in.

What is the International Franchise Expo 2017?

The IFE, according to its website, is the premier annual event for the franchise industry. From domestic or international expansion to selling single units, area developments or master franchises, the International Franchise Expo is THE industry’s one-stop franchise event.

Why should you attend it?

1. It gives you more options

It has every business opportunity you can imagine! From t-shirts to beef jerkies to carpet cleaning to website design, the International Franchise Expo has it.

For would-be franchisees, the IFE is the perfect venue for research and exploration. Check out the list of exhibitors here. Choose a few according to your interest. See their websites, study each carefully and list down any questions you might have before scheduling an appointment with them. Plus, you get to learn franchising basics – from creating a business plan that’s right for you to learning how a franchisor-franchisee relationship works – for free.

Franchisees, on the other hand, can leverage from the tips and best practices shared in such events. There are free seminars, but if you want to level up your skills and knowledge, paid, in-depth seminars and workshops are available too.

2. It makes networking easier

With over 400 franchise opportunities, you have a huge chance of meeting new contacts that can progress to successful business relationships or lifetime friendships. For example, you have a food business that you want to franchise. You go to the International Franchise Expo 2017 to learn what you need to do so. During the event, you meet three people: a retail store franchisor, a condiment wholesaler and a website designer. The retail store franchisor offers to promote your business to his contacts; the condiment wholesaler offers a 10% discount if you purchase from him; while the website designer agrees to build your website for a steal.

In turn, you offer to provide them a list of your contacts and discounts on your products. Yes, you can do this even if you don’t attend the event, but then you’ll spend time and effort calling and visiting prospects.

Here’s a thought – everyone attending the International Franchise Expo 2017 are looking for contacts – and you might just be the one who fits their needs. Why miss that opportunity?

3. It helps you grow your business

Like any business owner, it is your hope to build and grow a business to its maximum potential. The International Franchise Expo 2017 can help you with that. See the video below to find out what past attendees say about it.

IFE 2017 Attendee Preview from MFV Expositions on Vimeo.

4. It can help you find the business of your dreams

Have you been considering owning a business yet lack the funds to build one from the ground up? Or probably you want to become a franchisee but never really know which product or service you want to invest on? The International Franchise Expo 2017 gives you three days to explore. Go around and check out every franchise that grabs your attention. Ask for fliers and business cards. Study the fliers at home and contact the ones you think will fit your needs.

Yes, the International Franchise Expo 2017 presents you with a lot of business opportunities and advice which you can take advantage of.

You might also want to consider the DetailXPerts business opportunity. You’ll have flexible options and limitless profits. You can start with a small initial investment and be given support anytime you need it.


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