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How to Increase the Value of Your Used Car

How to Increase the Value of Your Used Car

Having your own car doesn’t just mean that you have a convenient and personal means of transportation. On the contrary, your car can also be a good financial investment. One that you can use to pay for a huge expense right away. Or in case you want to trade in your current wheels for something more modern. Either way, selling your car can be a relatively quick way to raise cash. This is why knowing how to bump your used car price can help a lot!

Why Bump Your Used Car Price?

A car is an easy commodity to sell because lots of people want to have their own vehicle. A car symbolizes freedom, ease of transportation, and, to a certain extent, financial capability.

If you happen to own a car of vintage stock that is still road-worthy and well-maintained, you know you have a vehicle that can sell for a considerable sum should you want to put it up for sale. Even if this is not exactly your case, you can still make some profit selling your car. But first, you need to know how to bump your used car price.

Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder

To be able to sell your car at a competitive price, you have to make sure that it runs smoothly and looks as good as new. All that money you spent for professional detailing services will pay off when potential buyers start inquiring about your car’s specs and condition. The better-looking and better maintained your vehicle is, the bigger your chances of actually making a profitable sale are.

Who would want to buy a car that doesn’t drive well and looks like it belongs to the junkyard? And even if everything under the hood works just fine, you could still botch the sale if your car appears to be in serious need of a good wash and wax. Your car’s appearance lets your buyers know how much effort you’ve put into ensuring its maintenance inside and out.

Remember that the customer will look at your car first before checking out the component parts. Therefor, it pays to really make sure that your car is as presentable as it could be, no matter how much mileage it has seen. Your car should make a good first impression in order to convince buyers that it’s worth their money. Ask yourself: “Would I get this car if I were the buyer?”

Seal the Deal

Spending time and money on detailing is one of the best ways to bump your used car price. It restores your car’s finish and gives it a brand-new look that you can’t achieve with manual washing inside your driveway. Paying attention to the little details can help you drive the asking price by up to $1,500. Such details can be the fine scratches on the paintwork, the dust that has accumulated between the dashboard buttons, or the dirty engine bay. Getting some eco steam detailing specialty services can quickly eliminate these.

A thorough detail job takes the years off your car and makes it more desirable for your potential buyers. The exterior is washed and waxed to a showroom shine. The interior is clean of all the dust, dirt, allergens, stains, and food particles that may have accumulated since your last visit to the car detailer. The hood, the trunk and the wheels are free of crud, dirt, and grease.

For satisfying cleaning results that are both environmentally-friendly and safe for your car’s finish, you can try steam cleaning to bump your used car price. You can detail your car at home by purchasing different cleaning materials and products, but nothing beats a professional’s work. To ensure that your car will fetch only top dollar on the market, schedule an auto detailing session today.

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