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How to Strengthen Your Franchisor Franchisee Relationship for Success

How to Strengthen Your Franchisor Franchisee Relationship for Success

Every franchise relationship is unique. Nobody can predict if a franchisor franchisee partnership is doomed to fail or succeed. However, there are sure ways to build up your relationship. Read on!

Tips on how to strengthen your franchisor franchisee relationship

Establish frequent and effective dialogue

In today’s technological society, this should not be a problem. Remember though that the best dialogues occur face to face.  According to Mark Siebert,  a start up and franchise consultant, a franchisor franchisee communication should go beyond the occasional newsletter or workplace visits. It has to be frequent. Miscommunication and issues can be avoided if regular talks are done. This may include planned strategies, progress tracking, everyday and operational concerns. Even management issues can be discussed. Communication between franchisor and franchisee should be a two-way street. No matter how engaging a franchisor is, if the franchisee is not assertive or even participative, or vice versa, there will be no effective communication process. As mentioned in one of the Detailxperts’ blogs, a franchisor franchisee relationship needs an effective communication process.  You cannot have one if you have not established a frequent dialogue routine.

Implement changes but stick to a culture

Harvey Homsey of says that the franchise company  must create a culture that provides a conducive place to conduct business while the franchisees should engage all steps necessary to implement this culture. Culture should include a set of values, principles and ethics.  This will guide them in running the business. Every franchisee is free to tweak guidelines (based on what the contract allows)  depending on what is necessary but should never go against the culture of the brand. As mentioned in the first tip, it is assumed that the franchisor knows the changes implemented by the franchisee if an effective communication process has been established.

Practice team spirit

Like any relationship, a franchisor franchisee relationship relies on teamwork. One has to keep up with what he is ought to do. The franchisor has to carefully lay out the guidelines, ground rules and strategies. The franchisees, on the other hand, must be willing to abide by the guidelines and work towards meeting goals and targets. They should be proactive enough to share insights and analysis based on everyday and operational issues experienced in their unit. According to an online resource for small businesses,  the franchise system can only be as strong as the people who are working well together.

Maximize the use of resources

If it includes the training and expertise of the franchisor, then get as much training and tips as you can as the franchisee. If it has to be the effort and the time management skills of the franchisee in overseeing various units, then use them to the brand’s advantage.

Focus on your goal

It is the franchisor’s role to direct the franchisees towards the brand’s target objectives and goals. The franchisees foremost objective is to carry out the plans aligned through the guidelines provided to achieve the overall goals. There should be mutual balance between the two players in order for the relationship to work.

Reach out to each other when needed

There should be no hesitation from the franchisee when you need additional support from the franchisor. Be this financial support, or management consult or any other help you will need along the way. The franchisors should make the franchisee feel welcome to ask or contribute input for as long as it is aligned with the brand’s values and goals. Most franchisees expect initiative and assistance from the franchisors. However, not a lot of franchisees are aware that there a lot more they can ask from their franchisors all throughout their relationship. Ongoing support can include but are not limited to mentoring, marketing and lead generation, technical assistance, field support,  location selection and support in using management systems of the brand.

Commit to a long term relationship

Commit to a long term relationship

Commit to a long term relationship
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You must have a long term goal even before signing the contract. This will help make your partnership work. If you are not committed to a long term relationship, every bump and hurdle will lead you to terminate the partnership. On the other hand, if you are looking at it as a long term contract, you will be willing to exert all your effort to patch the issues or prevent these issues from arising.


The franchisor franchisee relationship is a two way street. Respect, trust and commitment will bind the partnership while the contract will continue to keep the parties informed of what they are ought to do and what privileges are they entitled to. In the end, it will all depend on how much are you willing to give and take in this two way relationship for it to succeed.

Check out how the experts in auto detailing franchise systems maintain a good franchisor franchisee relationship. The DetailXperts opportunity lets you experience great relationships as franchisees to ensure mutual success and benefits.

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