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How to Remove My Pet’s Hair from My Vehicle

How to Remove My Pet’s Hair from My Vehicle

Traveling with your pet can be a fun and refreshing experience, but don’t you just hate how you have to clean up all the fur left inside your vehicles interior afterwards? Your pet is a great travel companion but its stay in your car can ruin its appearance and odor, so you have no choice but to get rid of the fur balls right away. If you don’t feel like doing the job yourself, call an expert to perform specialty professional detailing services to schedule an appointment for pet hair removal.

Pet Hair Can Cause Healthy Problems

Moreover, those clumps of fur do not just mess up your car’s interior—fur also poses a significant health threat to you and your family, especially for people with allergies and weak respiratory systems. If your pet is not well-groomed, the fur can also contain flea eggs that may infest your car’s upholstery and seats in the long run, causing further health and cleaning problems.

The first step to ensuring that your pet does not shed fur excessively is to regularly brush and groom his hair. Your pet will definitely enjoy this relaxing routine and bonding time, and you will also get the benefit of less fur inside your vehicle every time you go for a ride with them.

4 Quick Steps for Pet Hair Removal

If you still experience high levels of leftover hair in your cars interior, it’s time for you to take extra measures to eliminate the fur. It can be pretty annoying to get rid of all the fur because they can get in between the seats, under the carpeting and even between your dashboard buttons. Here are other easy ways for you to get rid of all that stubborn fur trapped inside your car:

Pet Hair In Vehicle Covering Seats

1.Use a Stiff-Bristled Brush

Use it to comb the surface of your car seats, carpets and roofing and clump the fur into small balls that you can easily pick out with your hands. Make sure that the brush you’re using is stiff enough to do the job but not too rigid as to damage your upholstery. You can get rid of the heaviest hairs this way but you need other methods to tease out the finer fur left between the cracks and crevices of your car.

2.Wrap a Wide Strip of Duct or Packaging Tape

Use the tape all around your hand, with the sticky surface out. Press it lightly against the areas of your car that are still covered with fur, which will then adhere to the tape. When the surface of the tape is clogged with hair, move the strip sideways so you have a new sticky area to use.

3. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Use it to pick up the remaining clumps of fur. Work your way downwards from the ceiling to the seats then the carpet so that fallen hairs can still be vacuumed from your car.

4.Cover Your Seats

Use a commercially-available dog seat cover or old sheets to minimize the accumulation of fur. Shake out the seat cover after every trip with your pet so you instantly get rid of the hair.


Sometimes vacuuming and dusting your car’s interior is not enough pet hair removal. For a more thorough clean, try steam cleaning services for your cars interior and to restore your car’s fresh look and smell.


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