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How to Remove Melted Crayon from Car Seat

How to Remove Melted Crayon from Car Seat

How to Remove Melted Crayon from Car Seat

For car drivers who regularly take on very young passengers, food and beverage spills are an everyday hazard. You cannot expect your three-year old son to keep a steady hand on his sippy cup as you drive through the morning-rush traffic. Your ten-year old daughter, who is in the middle of a tantrum during your family trip, is not likely to hold on to the bag of chips that you gave her as a form of consolation. But some kid-related car accidents are a little more bizarre. For example, crayons incidents. Check our how to remove melted crayon steps below.

Melted Crayons Incident

One day when you drive out of the garage, you just might be surprised to see your car seats being yellow, pink, orange and purple. Or in other words, box of crayons that your child has left inside the car. All you need for this accident to happen is an especially warm day. If you did not notice the crayons right away and stored them where they won’t melt in the heat immediately. But you will likely find a multicolor car seat when you return to your car.

The good news is that crayons are pretty easy to remove from car seats, whether it is made of fabric or leather. Depending on the volume of crayon that has melted onto the material, you should be able to pull off the job on your own with a few simple tools. However, if your car seat remains blotchy and discolored even after following the procedure below, you should consider calling in the professionals at DetailXPerts to help you out. Steam cleaning might be the only possible solution left.

Remove Melted Crayon Steps:

Check out these simple how to remove melted crayon steps from your car:

  1. Remember that crayon is mostly just wax. Surround the discolored area with a few ice cubes and wait for the wax to harden. You can then remove melted crayon by scraping it off with a butter knife or spoon.
  2. You can remove melted crayon residue by putting old newspaper or a thin rag over the affected areas and then ironing over them. Alternatively, you can use a hair dryer or a fabric steamer. The wax would melt a little and you can scrape it off easily. Be sure to use a blunt-edged tool such as a butter knife or a spoon so you don’t tear or puncture your upholstery.
  3. Spray a healthy amount of WD-40 over the affected spots. Let it sit for a couple of minutes before mopping up the residue with a damp cloth.
  4. Apply a mixture of water and grease-fighting detergent. Wax might leave behind an unsightly oily stain over the affected area, so you should take it out as soon as possible. Wipe the seat clean. Finally, apply some upholstery cleaner to freshen up your upholstery.
  5. Sprinkle some baking soda over the stain and let it stay for a while before vacuuming it up. Your car seat should look good as new, without a single trace of the colorful crayons that have melted onto the material.

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