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How to Recognize a Superior Detailing Service Provider

How to Recognize a Superior Detailing Service Provider

How to Recognize a Superior Detailing Service Provider

When it comes to superior detailing, there can be a lot of mixed messages. There are many different options and packages making it difficult to figure out what you need.

The most important step to take is to differentiate between a car wash and a detailing service. Once you have narrowed down the detailing companies, it’s time to do some digging to figure out which one will offer you and your vehicle superior detailing.

Superior Detailing: How to Recognize the Right Provider

So how will you know if a company is offering superior detailing services or not? Here are some tips:

1. What Services Does It Offer?

Superior detailing providers offer services that stand out from the rest. Here are the differences between the bare minimum, the step above detailing services and the superior detailing services.

Basic Services

Exterior hand car wash and dry, interior and exterior windows, deodorize and vacuum interior of car including steam cleaning floor mats, detail entire interior (vents, doors, carpet and all other upholstery, seats, console, headliner, and dashboard), detail complete exterior of car(hand wash, bug removal, steam clean and shine wheels and rims, clean tires).

This service will fit what the average person feels is the bare minimum. Ideal for the auto owner who feels it is important to visually maintain their car but has not yet been introduced to the wide variety of choices many superior detailing services offer.

A Step Up From Basic

Air Sanitation, swirl removal, conditioning (leather seats, plastic, and vinyl), polishing of fender wells, molding and chrome trim.

These are all services that many vehicle enthusiasts like. These services go a little further than just the basic. They will not only keep a vehicle looking nice, but will also help maintain a vehicle’s “like new” appearance.

Superior Detailing Services

Steam detailing, Eco-friendly techniques, mobile detailing capabilities, value.

These superior detailing techniques will provide great value. Many of these options are also eco-conscious services. Most importantly, their services will give optimal results in the short and long term.

Each of the above levels of detailing is based on personal preference. Some may feel that just the basics are enough to keep their vehicle presentable while others will prefer superior services. It is key to only choose detailing companies that have all of the basic qualifications or better. To ensure superior detailing of your car, try to find a service that meets the classification of superior, even if you are only seeking basic services at the time.

2. What Products Does It Use?

Some may find it off-putting to question their detail service on what type of product they use. However, this is an incredibly important factor in your choice. Some products used for detailing could harm your vehicle more than help it. Ensure that the detail service you choose uses reputable eco-friendly products.

Don’t hesitate to ask about wastage, product impact on the environment, and the effects a product can have on your vehicle.

3. How Reputable Is It?

In the age of technology, it is easier than ever to sort out the bad eggs of any industry. This holds especially true within the service industry. With websites like Angie’s List and Four Square, it only takes pulling out your phone or computer to check up on a company’s reviews. This can be one of the most effective ways when choosing a superior detailing service. The internet is a wonderful source to find honest opinions on a product or service. But don’t forget about word of mouth! Ask around at your local car repair shops, dealerships, or even automotive supply shops. This could be an easy way of finding out exactly which company holds rapport with your community.

4. What Should You Watch out For?

Too Good to Be True Deals

Car detailing is a service industry where the phrase “you get what you pay for” truly stands. The goal is to find good value, not a cheap deal. Many times the cheap deals you find are from companies who will cut corners and use products that could be harmful to a vehicle. A superior detailing company provides good value by using high-quality products, skilled detail technicians, and tested process.


This section can be the hardest to overcome. With all of the flashy commercials, signs, and events that come with many detailing services it can be easy to miss certain warning signs. When researching a potential service, be sure to look past all of the hype and propaganda. Try to find a company or service that has proven results while using a tested method with sustainable products. With a little digging, it will be simple to sort superior detailing services from the lesser ones.


Gone are the days of being forced to use the first service option available. Over the years, technology has advanced drastically making product research simple. There are many choices for superior detailing. Choose based on services offered, products used, review ratings, and even the ecological effects of a detail service.

Finding the right superior detailing service can be time-consuming, but a worthwhile venture to ensure your car keeps looking its best longer. Schedule an appointment to try out an Eco-Friendly Mobile Auto Spa.


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