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10 Tips: How To Prepare a Car for Sale

10 Tips: How To Prepare a Car for Sale

In preparing a car for sale, new or used, you want to know how to do so in such a way that it appeals to at least three of your prospect’s five senses to begin with. Those three key senses are visual, touch and smell. By putting some effort and money into the aesthetics of your car, you are guaranteed to reap back a higher selling price.

Exterior – Car Wash Damage

First impressions are the most lasting and your car’s bodywork is the first thing that will jump out at your prospects. Whether you are an auto or self-service car wash buff, there are bound to be scratches and swirls. Depending on their severity, you may be able to fix it using paint restorers or polishes. If not, opt for professional help.

Exterior – Dents, Dings And Scrapes

There are no escaping dents and scrapes from minor incidents, parking or moving stuff. This is one aspect you do not want to mess up. Leave it to the specialists who will advise you on options such as paintless dent repair. If you have several spots that need fixing in preparing a car for sale, you should negotiate a lower total package price with them.

Exterior – Tree Sap And Lime

Temporary staining from tree sap and bird lime are eyesores which you and your elbow grease can easily take care of by claying your vehicle. Clay kits are inexpensive and your car surface will have an instant lift in look and feel.

Exterior – Tired Tires

Tires often get a bad deal as it is one of sections of the car that gets the most abuse, but often overlooked in terms of care. The buyer in most people will pick up on their shoddiness in an instant. Therefore, you are better off in preparing a car for sale by investing in tire dressing products that restore their shine and revitalize their rubber.

“Exterior” – Engine

Everyone wants to have a look at the heart of the vehicle, the engine. Engines that are caked with grime, dirt and dead leaves can instantly sour the deal. There is no excuse especially with the wide range of pre-cleaners and degreasers designed to make car engines look almost new. As there are many complicated parts in this section, you may want to get help from the pros.

Interior – Upholstery

Moving into the interior of your car, your prospects’ sense of smell is guaranteed to kick in that enclosed space. If you do as most do in the car – eat, drink, travel with kids and dogs – there will be crumbs, grease, bad odors that linger. However, in preparing a car for sale you can quickly resolve them with a good vacuum, clean off, thorough wipe down and air freshener.


What you do for your upholstery you will also apply to your cockpit. A dull looking dashboard will dim the interior no matter how clean your upholstery is.

Maintenance Checks

As your prospect will naturally want to test the vehicle out, you want to have done all the necessary maintenance checks such as topping off the oils, the water, the coolant vessels and tire pressures.

The Paperwork In Preparing A Car For Sale

Any serious prospective buyer will be interested to know about the car’s history, so ensure you have them ready. These include the car’s handbook, service book, warranties, and registration.

Last But Not Least

Do not mislead your buyer about the condition of your car as that may turn out to be costly should they have recourse. Instead, stay focused and be objective about achieving a win-win for both sides.

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