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How to Open a Car Wash: Marketing Planning

How to Open a Car Wash: Marketing Planning

Once you turn on the faucet, the ongoing success of the car wash business is determined by how you market your business as well as how you manage your public relations.

Indeed, a marketing plan “outlines the exact actions you aim to carry out to interest potential customers and clients in your product or service and influence them to buy the products or services you offer. But every now and then, sending a useful message to customers becomes puzzling and complicated because of issues that take place behind the scenes leading to barriers to marketing planning. These 7 steps on how to open a car wash and barriers to marketing planning for your car wash range from an enterprise failure to place its customers first, tensions between marketing and sales teams, conflicts to change and departmental capacity or budgetary constraints, to mention but a few.

Other barriers that could affect the marketing plan of a car wash business are given below:

  1. Imperfect customer target on grand opening day

This is often one of the biggest challenges a start-up car wash business will face. Is your grand opening of any value to the prospective customers? Most grand openings that last for only one day impede the chances of impacting car wash customers. It will limit the possibility to capture people who don’t happen to drive by your car wash every day. Most car wash owners make this grave mistake that limits the opportunity to turn the occasional customers into regulars. Give a good deal of thought to the timing and duration of your grand opening.

  1. Media advertising

Media advertisement is significant for increasing both volume and revenue in car wash business, but the high cost of advertising on television poses one of the barriers to marketing planning for your car wash. There are other media outlets you might want to explore. You can try finding newsletters or other publications that cater to a local audience. Is there a large apartment community nearby? Chances are it publishes a newsletter that is distributed to residents, probably once a month. These are your prime customers – those without the space or resources to wash their own cars – so tapping into publications such as these can be a great idea.

  1. Premium deals

Newbie car wash’s find it challenging to approach companies or organizations on premium deals. Come out of your shell and make the first move. Consider which companies or organizations out there will like to give away books of coupons for free car washes for their members or customers and think about how you should approach these organizations. The first thing you must convey is that your coupon books will provide some sort of value to the eventual receipt. Bear in mind that you aren’t giving away anything. The best part, depending on how you look at it, is that you may make money for washing cars that you may never actually wash. It doesn’t get better than this.

  1. Stimulating referral

As brilliant as referral systems can be, they can also be a catastrophic barrier to your car wash business. Word-of-mouth referral is very important to a neighborhood business such as a car wash. Nothing beats one neighbor telling another that a new car wash is a great place to clean their car. However, if the services of this car wash are not up to standard, the same word-of-mouth is employed to downgrade it.

  1. Competitors

Yes, believe it or not, competitors are an actual challenge within the car wash industry. Businesses grow in environments with a fair share of competition. Same opportunities, same market and same business terms! Although it may be a field day for startup car wash businesses within that sort of scenario, your business will not be ready for a competitive market. In a future where a new car wash business sets up, your business will incur losses due to the fact that you were not well exposed. Before having your business plan running, make room for some competition.

  1. Interior signage

This is as important as the car wash itself. It is the sign that your customers see once they pull into your property. Of the variety of signs you will probably have posted, the most important perhaps is your menu of services. This is your bill of fare and the choices or various levels you are offering to your customer. Why should this be a barrier? You want choices in terms of the variety of services and you want choices in terms of prices. Car wash customers are not going to be any different. They aren’t going to want to be forced into paying more for services they don’t want or feel they need. Your menu of services plays a vital role in marketing your car wash.

  1. Customer relations

One of the keys to running a successful car wash business over the long haul is customer service. People simply won’t come back if they haven’t been treated well. Regardless of the type of wash you operate, when you do get a complaint, it is vitally important that you respond right away. Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than to feel that his or her complaint is falling on deaf ears.

Marketing is not just a tool for large businesses. Even with limited resources, your car wash can reap the benefits of effective marketing planning.

Buying a car wash franchise may be the perfect solution if you are looking for a turnkey operation as car wash franchises can have several benefits over starting a new car wash business. Why not explore DetailXPerts franchise opportunity because one of the many benefits our franchisees have is learning and taking advantage of our marketing knowledge and proven practices.

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