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How Professional Detailing Differs from Regular Car Wash

How Professional Detailing Differs from Regular Car Wash



You love your car.

You drive it with pride and passion. You want to protect your investment and make it last as long as it can, and this is why you schedule regular maintenance and repair work for the component parts. But do you give the same attention to your car’s finish the way you take care of the mechanical workings?

The old fashioned car wash

You want your car to always look clean and shiny as though it was driven out of the showroom just yesterday, but you can’t achieve that with simply washing your car at home. Most people think that the cheapest, smartest and most convenient way to keep their car clean is by giving it a bath every weekend or so right in their own driveway. Perhaps this has even become a fun activity for you, with everyone in the family in charge with cleaning a particular part of the car.

However, this car wash method is in fact more detrimental to the environment as well as wasteful of your limited resources—time, money, effort and of course water. The muddy, oily rinse water is a toxic mixture of chemicals, oil, dirt, brake fluid and bacteria that can pollute our drinking water.

At the same time, you can use up to 100 gallons of water with a standard home car wash, and that’s already a conservative estimate. Multiply that by the number of times you wash your car in a year and you can get a pretty staggering figure. Now you know why your water bill was always so expensive.

Why use professional detailing?

The other option you can explore to keep your car looking great and performing well is by taking it to a trusted specialty professional detailing services facility. It will certainly cost a little bit more than the regular car wash, but at least you know that you are paying for top-dollar services that will really improve your car’s appearance and performance.

professional detailers

Washing your car is very different from simply dousing it with soapy water because you don’t get the same quality clean and high-class sheen. Moreover, a manual car wash doesn’t protect the finish; it just washes off the dirt and dust from the surface.

Most car owners are content with simply scrubbing the exterior of the car and vacuuming the interior, but professional detailing services go beyond these perfunctory cleaning methods. After all, the inside of your car is also subjected to dust, dirt, food scraps, allergens and other things that can make it look and smell unpleasant.

With auto-detailing, you also have a choice

of different car cleaning methods that are suitable for your needs and budget. You can opt for eco-friendly services like steam cleaning, which is one of the most innovative car cleaning methods today.

Not only do you get to have excellent cleaning results, you are also confident that you do not pollute the environment with hazardous chemicals and dirty, poisonous rinse water. Your car stays clean longer because of special waxes that protect the paintwork. That is not something you can achieve with a driveway car wash, no matter how many buckets of water you use.


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