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How Often Should You Wash Your Vehicle?

How Often Should You Wash Your Vehicle?

The only way to keep your vehicle looking its best is to go for steam cleaning by a professional detailing technician. How frequently you do this is entirely dependent on your own preference and where you drive your vehicle. If you want your vehicle to shine and sparkle all the time, you will have to wash it more often. Where as, if you do not care much about your car’s exterior appearance, you do not have to bother washing the exterior at all.

You Should Wash Your Car Often if You Want it to Look Clean but Also to Protect It!

If you drive in the winter where it snows, you are going to get lots of salt and sand on the vehicle. Moreover that will eat away at your paint job. So, in this case washing your car once a week is a must. In the springtime there’s lots of pollen and other stuff floating around in the air. Once a week then is a minimum, too. The same goes for vehicles in high humidity locations. Moisture attracts contaminants and promotes a variety of chemical reactions that can destroy your car’s chrome and painted surfaces. In seasons or climates less conductive to corrosion, a wash every two weeks or so is adequate. In areas with acid rain, a wash every ten days is advised. Of course, these estimates may vary depending upon whether your car is kept in a garage or out in the elements.

You should take your vehicle for professionall steam cleaning a minimum of once a week, due to the fact that your vehicle is constantly bombarded with contaminants such as tree sap mist and bird droppings. If someone does not remove the contaminants, they have the possibility to bond to the paint and even etch the paint.

Can You Wash Your Vehicle Too Much?

Though it may seem impossible because it seems less harsh than a car wash, it is possible to have too many hand car washes. Washing a vehicle this route tends to be very thorough which can result in water finding its way behind fender trims and into the engine to cause damage. Whether you take the risk yourself or use a car wash, the more often you take your car for a wash, the higher the risk of it not being done properly. Putting your car through too many washes can put it at risk of suffering rust spots from being in contact with water too often. This is why we at DetailXPerts Car Wash Franchise recommend you get your vehicle professionally steam cleaned by professional detailing technicians.


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