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Germs in Cars: Learn Where They Hide

Germs in Cars Learn Where They Hide

Germs in Cars: Learn Where They Hide

Removing germs in cars and generally getting your car perfectly clean inside and out is a mean challenge, even for seasoned professional detailers. The biggest car in the world can only have so much elbow room for vacuuming, hosing, brushing, and polishing. The average adult will certainly have difficulties trying to reach the deepest, farthest corners of any vehicle. As a result, some cars can go through haphazard detailing procedures that leave certain areas not quite clean. Allergies are a common offshoot of poor car cleaning habits. Also, not to mention that telltale musky odor that seems to permeate even the fabric of your car seats.

Germs and Contamination

Microbes can populate a dirty car very quickly. And because they are unseen, they can accumulate in such large numbers before their presence is picked up by car owner. Mysophobes (people who are afraid of being contaminated with germs and bacteria), people with really bad allergies. Moreover, very young or very old people are the first ones to suffer from germ infection in your car.

If you regularly convey passengers like them, or you yourself fall under any of the four at-risk categories above, you should rethink your car cleaning efforts. Thus, you should find out if there’s something you’re not doing properly.

Hiding Places for Germs in Cars

To get you started, here are the top six nastiest places in your car:

1.Steering wheel, gear shift, and hand brake: The places where you put your hands the most frequently are also the dirtiest

2.Cup holders: Spilled beverages are a great breeding ground for bacteria. You should be careful about wiping down your cup holders every time you spill even just a few drops of soda or coffee. Otherwise, it will soon become the nastiest bit in your car’s interior.

3.Glove compartment: Ever tossed a box of candies inside the glove box for emergency use, and then forgotten about them until after a year? Chances are the candies have melted right through the box and onto the plastic interior of your glove compartment.

4.Between your console buttons: Dirt and dust can occupy the smallest, tightest spaces. That’s why your buttons are also a hotspot for germs.

5.Air filters: Your air vents don’t just blow air out—it also sucks in air, and germ-laden dirt particles. This also a favorite breeding ground for bacteria because they are dark and cozy. The air vents is also out of reach of most cleaning tools and equipment. Before you know it, you might already be breathing contaminated air inside your car.

6.Trunk: When was the last time you cleaned out your trunk? Most people forget that the trunk requires regular detailing work as well. It’s a good idea to include the trunk in your car interior cleaning routine so that bacteria do not grow in this neglected space.

Cleaning germs in cars by the dint of your own efforts is a great thing. However, if you’re not satisfied with the results that you’ve achieved or if you truly want to get rid of all the bacteria, professional steam cleaning is your best option. It cleans and disinfects your car interior, getting rid of all the nasty stuff for you. Many professional detailing services are resorting to such an effective car wash system these days. Schedule your appointment today to have your vehicle sparkling clean without the guilt of damaging the environment.


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