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Employee Recruiting for Auto Detailing Jobs

Employee Recruiting for Auto Detailing Jobs

Employee Recruiting for Auto Detailing Jobs

As a business owner, there are many different challenges that you may face that could threaten your bottom line. Although some of these challenges are out of your control, there are many you can handle yourself. One challenge you may face is employee recruiting. Hiring the wrong person to do the job can in fact be very costly and can impact on the success of your business.

Although our nation’s unemployment rates are very high, hiring employees that are committed, motivated and reliable is still very difficult. Therefore finding the right ‘fit’ takes planning and preparation. By applying better practices you can find the right employees to hire for your car wash business. We recommend you follow a strict applicant screening process when you need employee recruiting. This will help you to have the best chance of success in your car wash business.

Employee Recruiting Advices

When you create an applicant screening process you should consult human resources to ensure the process relates to car wash relations management.

Create a Checklist for Reviewing Resumes and Applications

Part of the employee recruiting process is to screen all applicants using the same criteria. Clearly state what you need to know; inquire about any convictions for crimes (include a disclaimer that this is not necessarily an automatic bar to employment); inquire about previous work experience and qualifications; ask the applicant if they are legal to work in the United States. To narrow down your applicant pool, review the resumes and ensure applicants meet your minimum standards. Note any gaps in their employment and check their work experience for any previous work that is related to your position. Once you have a pile of resumes that closely meet your minimum standards, carefully select the applicants you wish to interview.

Create an Interview Sequence

Once you have the applicants you wish to interview, it’s important that you select what kind of interview you want to conduct to ensure the applicant is a good fit for your job. Some types of interviews you can choose from include a performance interview, a behavioral interview or a structured interview. A performance interview would require the applicant to perform a set of tasks that are related to the job position they are applying for. A behavioral interview uses questions that probe into past behaviors to indicate their future behavior. A structured interview is probably the most common type of interview and is very straight forward. As the interviewer you will use a set of standard questions that are asked to all applicants. If you have similar candidates, their answers to these questions could be what sets them apart from the others.

Evaluation, Follow-up, and Reference Checking

After the interview stage, you will carefully need to review the results and determine which applicants are the best fit for the job in your organization. Before you hire any employees, perform necessary background checks and reference checks for all applicants to ensure there is no discrimination. It is important to let the applicants know you will be performing background checks so everyone is well-informed. When you reference check, document all the information you find including employment history, conduct and performance. Often, the best predictor of success is past performance.

Create a Hiring Sequence

Once you hire an employee, give them a checklist with details of the job, their responsibilities as an employee of your workplace, and the benefits they will receive. Go through the checklist with the new employee and answer all their questions or queries. Part of employee recruiting is to outline the company’s philosophies and expectations to the new staff member. Moreover have them sign a handbook to acknowledge they understand what is asked of them. Make the new employee aware that you can offer training opportunities so they can develop new skills.


Screening your applicants is a good car wash management policy. The better you train your team, the more time you can devote to other important aspects of your car wash business. However, creating and implementing a comprehensive screening process may seem like too much work. If you feel this way, you can become one of our franchisees and benefit from our industry experience and business expertise. DetailXPerts will give you all the necessary support in all stages of the employee recruiting process. Moreover they can help with performance management, contract development and policies and procedures. Check out how we support our franchisees!

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