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How to Detail Your Car like a Pro

How to Detail Your Car like a Pro

How to Detail Your Car like a Pro

Have you ever wondered what detailers do to make cars look sparklingly new? Have you tried your best to copy their actions only to be frustrated with the results? Have you considered that maybe you are not doing it right? Would you like to learn how to detail your car like an expert does?

If you answered yes to all questions, then, look no further because you are in the right place. We have some valuable tips on how to detail your car like a pro.

How to Detail Your Car the Professional Way

How to detail your car well? For some people, car washing is synonymous to car detailing. No, this is not so. Car detailing goes beyond car washing. It goes into each minute detail of your car – no trims untouched, no crevices left unclean. That is why detailers can make cars really shine – because there is no single speck of dust left behind.

So how do you do it? Here are some tips:

Get the right auto detailing supplies: Of course, how to detail you car starts with choosing the right auto detailing supplies – from car shampoos and leather conditioners to waxes and tire dressings. Why? It is because the appropriate supplies can make you detail faster, easier and economical in the long run.

Clean your air vents: Air vents are one of the things that we often ignore. We only turn to them when the air becomes too musty, smelly or when they do not function as they should. Cleaning your air vents do not only improve the quality of the air inside your car; when vents are working properly, moisture from sweat, spilled water dries faster because of the increased air circulation. As experts say, no moisture, no bacteria. That is a plus for your health. You can use an air compressor or steam cleaner for this job.

Use a clay bar: A clay bar is the DIY detailer’s best friend. It can remove paint, grime and dust that plain car washing cannot. You simply roll it to your car’s surface and let it collect all the dirt away.

Learn how to use a buffer: Some DIY detailers buy different types of buffers then hesitate to use them lest they damage their car’s paint. The truth is, buffing can do more good to your car than you can ever imagine, provided you know the proper techniques. Do not forget to use a good car wax when buffing unless you want it to end up with scratches from dry buffing.This is actually one of the “how to detail your car” secrets that make vehicles shine to perfection.

Use green products: If you think that chemical-based products are better than organic –based ones, think again. Chemicals leave harsh residues that can damage your car’s paint and may even pose health hazards to you and your family’s health. Plus, using green products can give you that good feeling that usually comes when you know you have done something good for mother earth.

Never use dishwashing liquid: As the name implies, dishwashing liquid is for dishes, not for cars. Yes, it can strip off dirt and grime, but it can also seriously damage your car’s paint over time.  Choose an organic car shampoo and apply it by hand to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned evenly.

Use a steam cleaner: Do you ever wonder why steamed clothes, steamed bathrooms and everything steamed smell great? It is because steam can penetrate the deepest, darkest, tiniest crevices in an area. It is actually an all-around tool that you can use on your car’s exterior paint (and see the dirt and grime disappear magically), interior and even for your engine and underchassis.

Dress your tires: A shiny car with dull-looking tires is like a woman dressed to the nines with ill-matching, dull-looking shoes. Complete the look of your ride by knowing how to detail your car well –that includes choosing a good tire dressing.

Microfibers rule: Yes, microfiber is the modern-day cleaning tool that has been an ubiquitous presence anywhere and everywhere for its remarkable ability to absorb a lot of liquid and dispose of that liquid in just a few seconds. Use it to rinse and dry your car.

Clean the interior: This is actually the area where a lot of hard work is done, especially if you have not really paid attention on how to detail your car properly. Take the floor mats out and scrub them, vacuum your carpet, seats and upholstery, steam clean your dashboard and make your windows shine to perfection.

Yes, you can learn how to detail your car like a pro – it only takes practice and the patience to do so. But, if you simply do not have the time to practice or lack the patience to do it yourself, simply schedule an appointment with the experts in your area.

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