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Cross Promotion – a Great Auto Detailing Marketing Idea to Grow Your Business

Cross Promotion – a Great Auto Detailing Marketing Idea to Grow Your Business

Cross Promotion – a Great Auto Detailing Marketing Idea to Grow Your Business

Do you want to take your car wash to the next level? A level where you get more profits without spending a lot of money on auto detailing marketing? Then maybe you should consider cross promotion. Cross promotion, as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, is an activity that uses one product to advertise another. So how does cross promotion work for your auto detailing marketing? Read on.

Grow Your Business with These Cross Promotion Ideas for Your Auto Detailing Marketing

There are so many businesses that need auto detailing services. Car rentals, automobile dealerships, government offices, delivery companies and courier services, hotels with shuttle services, school transport services, police stations, funeral businesses, cab/taxi services, and hospital ambulance services all have vehicles that need regular cleaning. How do you cross promote to these businesses? Read on.

Car Rental

If you are dealing with a car rental, you can offer them a coupon code which they could give to their customers. Thus, the car rental customers can use your detailing services once the vehicle they got needs cleaning. In exchange, the car rental company may give you a coupon code, which you, in return, can give to your own customers. This way, your clients can get discounts when they need the services of a car rental when they travel somewhere.

Automobile Dealership

How about exchanging paper floor mats with your automobile dealership customer that you can give to your respective clients? The dealership can give away your floor mat to customers who buy vehicles from them, while your give their floor mats to customers who just availed your interior cleaning services. That’s instant brand awareness for both of you.

Government Offices

Government offices are frequented by vehicle owners with varying needs. Why not have some great-looking car stickers, share them with the government employees which they can give away to their clients? Those stickers will serve as free advertising for you. In return, you can put their posters on your office’s walls, doors, or windows.

Delivery Companies and Courier Services

Many vehicle owners use the services of delivery companies and couriers. Why not have each other’s logos printed on your respective receipts? This way, your clients and theirs will be aware of each of your brands and keep you top of mind whenever they need the services you offer.

Hotels with Shuttle Services

Hotel shuttle services need regular cleaning to keep their customers happy. How about interviewing each other’s marketing representatives or CEOs and feature them on your respective social media channels? This way, their followers and yours will learn the benefits of using your respective services.

School Transport Services

There’s one important thing when dealing with schools with transport services – the health and safety of passengers. And these are things that your auto detailing business can offer. Why not have some eye-catching safety reminders for students and drivers to see? Slogans like “Alert today – Alive tomorrow” embedded in funny-looking stickers will definitely attract attention. In return, you can promote the school to your customers who have school-age children.

Police Stations

Yes, you can do some cross promotion with police stations, too. You can have some road safety posters created with your logo and the police station’s logo, then post them on each other’s offices. With lots of people visiting police stations on a daily basis, you’ll have the benefit of free marketing all-year round!

Funeral Businesses

A new funeral business in your area will need a lot of promotion, so people will be aware of them. Visit them and offer to sponsor (in part) their grand opening celebration or any activity they have in mind. This way, their guests will be aware of your car wash, too.

Cab/Taxi Services and Hospital Ambulance Services

You can do cross promotion with a cab service or hospital ambulance service in your area, too. How about a referral program that works both ways? If the cab service or ambulance service sends customers to you, you give them a referral fee and vice versa.

A Few Things to Consider

  • Cross promotion only works with a related business like the ones stated above, not with competitors.
  • You need to do careful consideration when choosing whom to cross promote with. Do some research. Is the business owner known for his integral values or otherwise?
  • Be careful in planning your offers. It should be profitable for both you and the business you’ll be cross promoting with.

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