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Comparison: Nu Finish Scratch Doctor vs. QUIXX High Performance Scratch Remover

Comparison Nu Finish Scratch Doctor vs. QUIXX High Performance Scratch Remover

Comparison: Nu Finish Scratch Doctor vs. QUIXX High Performance Scratch Remover

Car scratch removers have been a popular addition to the auto detailing product market, especially since they are useful for DIY paint repair jobs. According to consumer reviews, Nu Finish Scratch Doctor and Quixx High Performance Scratch Remover are two of the best products in terms of effectiveness. However, both scratch removers have their differences when it comes to criteria such as the method of application, the type of scratches they work on, price, etc. Which product delivers the quick and the most effective results for a reasonable price? Let’s find out.

Paint scratches may occur due to a number of reasons: the rough cleaning equipment of an automatic car wash, vandalism and poor parking. These can result in surface scratches on the clear coat for which a DIY repair job is suitable or deeper ones that penetrate the metalwork, for which the attention of a professional detailer is necessary. Therefore, before using any scratch remover product, it is extremely important to know the type of scratch you are dealing with.

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor

  • A 6.5 oz bottle costs $11.04 (on
  • Works only on surface scratches, swirls, scrapes, haze.
  • Easy and quick application – wash the area, apply a small amount of Nu Finish Scratch Doctor on to a car wash cloth and rub it on the scratch, applying fairly heavy pressure. Let the product dry away from the sunlight.
  • Reapplication may be necessary to completely hide the scratch.
  • Works to hide scratches without damaging the area.
  • Nu Finish Scratch Doctor will hide scratches but will not completely remove them.
  • Can also be used on motorcycles, boats, air planes and chrome household appliances.
  • This is an eco-friendly product.

QUIXX High Performance Scratch Remover

  • This is a complete repair kit that costs $12.20 (on
  • Contains 2 tubes of polish – a QUIXX REPAIR Tube and a QUIXX FINISH Tube (net wt. of each tube is 0.88 oz), 2 polishing cloths and 4 strips of sandpaper (3000 grit).
  • Can be used to repair both surface and medium deep scratches.
  • Scratch repair requires some time, and also skill and knowledge if the product is used on a deep scratch – wet a sandpaper and sand the area for maximum of 15 seconds. Wipe off the residue and apply a small amount of QUIXX REPAIR and using a cloth included in the kit, polish the area applying heavy pressure for 2 minutes. Wipe off any residue using a moist rag and apply some QUIXX FINISH. Again using the second polishing cloth, polish the area in circular motions applying heavy pressure for 2 minutes until the surface is glossy. An important instruction is to forego sanding if the scratch is only a minor surface scratch.
  • This product uses a technology known as “Plastic Deformation” which removes scratches by deforming the paint surrounding the scratch and making it flow into the scratch gap and filling it.
  • Can also be used on motorcycles, boats and jet skis.
  • Environmental friendly; water-soluble and non-toxic.

Nu Finish Scratch Doctor will work great on surface scratches and so will the Quixx High Performance Scratch Remover. However, we recommend the latter as it permanently removes the scratch as opposed to hiding it as in the case of Nu Finish Scratch Doctor.

Quixx High Performance Scratch Remover will not work on scratches that are very deep (those that have reached the primer and expose metal). It will, however, work on scratches that you will feel if you run a fingernail over it. Extreme caution has to be exercised when using the sandpaper that comes with this product. Without proper knowledge, wet sanding can cause heavy damage to the paint and completely remove the clear coat which will result in an expensive trip to an autobody shop.

Whether you use Nu Finish Scratch Doctor or Quixx High Performance Scratch Remover, it is extremely important that you strictly follow the instructions that come with each product to get optimum results. If you believe the paint scratches on your vehicle needs to be repaired by  a professional hand, then schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts.

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