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Car Wash Snow Removal Tips

Car Wash Snow Removal Tips

Car Wash Snow Removal Tips


There are some days when you still have to drive your car in inclement weather. You need to take the kids to school, drop off the laundry, go to the office or meet a client in the next city. These activities will not grind to a halt just because it’s snowing heavily outside. Your car will certainly need some heavy-handed cleaning after being driven through all that harsh snow and wind, so a post-snow car wash should definitely be on your schedule.

Remove hard-packed snow

The sooner you clean your car of the slush, salt, mud, and grit that have accumulated during your snowy rides or over a night of hard snowing, the easier it is for you to do the task. Snow can become hard-packed and difficult to remove, clinging to the cold metal finish of your vehicle and causing corrosion.

The salt that has been liberally strewn across your driveway and on the roads is also bad for the metal of your car. Gritty and rough, salt can cause the paint to come off in small patches and encourage rusting. If there are already bald, rusty patches on the finish, salt will speed up the corrosion process and you might need an expensive paintjob before spring comes.

Before dealing with your car, make sure that you are dressed warmly as you might need to spend more than the usual time it takes you to clean up the vehicle. Have everything you need at the ready so you won’t be dragging the slush and mud inside your garage every now and then.

A good long wash with lukewarm water is a good start to cleaning a vehicle that has been through some bad snow days. Alternatively, you can start the car and give it time to warm up to thaw the snow, especially from the windshield and windows. Use a snow brush for car snow removal. Focus on the windshield wipers as they will be very helpful to you the next time it snows.

Weather-proof your vehicle

Check the undercarriage of your vehicle. Are snow and sludge clinging to the metal parts as well? You have to get rid of them immediately so that the car can keep functioning properly no matter the weather. You don’t want to be trapped inside your vehicle during a snow storm, right in the middle of nowhere.

Once you have assessed your vehicle and are satisfied that it will run well, it’s time to schedule a detailing appointment. A professional detailer will be able to carry out a post-snow car wash better than you can, plus he can also address certain issues that you won’t be able to spot with your untrained eye. Your detailer may also give you suggestions on how you can weather-proof your vehicle so that it can withstand the next few weeks of snow.

For extra emergency preparedness, it is advisable to always stow a shovel and blanket in your car so you can dig your way out of snowbanks and snow drifts. If you need to travel a long way during bad weather, make sure to bring extra food, water, and winter wear to last you on your trip.

Remember professional detailing can help you to prepare your car for the intense winters and you can book an appointment with us so that we can prepare your car for the rough cold weather.


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