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Car Wash Management – Is Not Having a Boss for You?

Is Not Having a Boss for You

Car Wash Management – Is Not Having a Boss for You?

Who knew that the pail and hose car wash businesses of yesteryears would turn into a billion dollar industry? Yes, the lowly wash-your-car of long ago has now evolved into huge car washes and auto detailing shops that seem to attract a lot of people like you into owning one and not having a boss. The question is, do you have what it takes to manage a car wash as the boss or would you rather be a franchisee where you have the support of your franchisor from start to finish?

Not Having a Boss: Is It for You?

The prospect of not having a boss is undoubtedly fun and exciting. You will have the freedom to think for yourself and act as you wish without a higher-up breathing behind your neck, observing each move you make. But is this the right thing for you? Below are some points that you need to consider:

Good Judgement

As the boss, you will be faced with all sorts of issues from the day you decide to enter the car wash industry to ever after. You have to choose between owning a car wash or automotive franchise. When an equipment malfunctions, you need to make a decision whether to have it repaired, buy new or used car wash equipment. Also, when a customer complains about a worker’s performance, you need to hear out both sides and try to resolve the dispute. When employee fights occur, you need to calm them down, talk to them separately and try to reconcile them. All of these can happen in a day’s work, each requiring you to be fair and just with your judgment. Do you have what it takes?

Organizational Skills

Some people think that being your own boss gives you the privilege to work whenever you want to since you are only answerable to no one but yourself alone. Yes, you can do this if you want your business to plummet deep down into the abyss of bankruptcy. As the boss, you should not only be concerned about the day-to-day events in your car wash. You should have a comprehensive list of your activities for the week, month and year. This will enable you to allot specific time frames for each activity.

For example, you can set a 30-minute weekly meeting every Monday morning to discuss issues encountered the previous week and gather suggestions on how to address them. Then, you can spend an entire hour for inspecting tools and equipment, facilities and observing new hires. You must also create an effective filing system that will allow you to store and easily locate important documents, receipts, inventories, etc. Can you do this? If you can’t, do you have the means to hire somebody to do this for you? If you said yes, then, you might just be one of the most successful car wash owners in your area.

Good Interpersonal Skills

Not having a boss requires you to deal with a lot of people regularly. You have to manage your workers, socialize with your customers and negotiate with suppliers. This is why you need to have good interpersonal skills. The ability to listen well, choose the right words and gestures can help you settle disputes between customers and workers; motivate employees to meet certain goals; establish discipline without losing your temper and promote harmonious relationships within your car wash.

Leadership Abilities

Not having a boss does not stop at creating a car wash business plan and establishing it. Think of your business as a huge ship and you as the captain. Can you stand strong even during weak season? Also, can you go around obstacles brought about by natural forces like rain, snow and drought? Can you avoid the common mistakes car wash owners make? Can you be honest enough to inform any and all concerned about where you stand at the moment in terms of financial stability so that they can help you out? Moreover, can you manage your people correctly? If you can, not having a boss may be right for you.

Ability to Inspire Others

What drives workers to work harder, be loyal and committed? Ask that to any business expert and he will most likely tell you that inspiration is the key and that you, being the boss, can be the source of that inspiration. Don’t we all look up to the people who have authority over us? Do you remember how your baseball coach inspired you to hit that ball harder in order to reach the goal? Or how a school mentor encouraged you to participate actively in class and guided you through to get better grades? Didn’t those people earn your love, loyalty and commitment? These are the same traits that will inspire your car wash workers. They need somebody to guide them, to look up to, someone to appreciate their work, someone they can dedicate their loyalty and commitment to. Are you this person?

Attention to Detail

If you are your own boss, you need to be attentive to details not only to raise the standards of your car wash but also to pass that skill to your workers. You have to commit yourself to making your daily rounds, conduct random inspection of the projects done by your employees especially the new hires, from waxing and polishing a vehicle’s exterior paint to detailing a truck’s interior. Imagine the satisfaction of your customers when they see the quality of your work?

Live up to Your Mission/Vision

Whether you choose an eco car wash over a traditional one, it is important that you live by the mission/vision that you have created for your business. If you opt for an eco car wash, bear in mind that your responsibility goes beyond building a wastewater facility. You must train your workers to save water, encourage the use of organic materials, join community organizations that support green living and so on. Are you capable of doing this?

Is not having a boss right for you? Still undecided? Then check our franchise opportunity – because as a franchisee, you will benefit from our business expertise and car wash industry knowledge.

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