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Car Wash Industry: Market Statistics

Car Wash Industry Market Statistics

Car Wash Industry: Market Statistics

Did you ever pick-up your car at your local auto detailing shop and think “I could probably detail my car better than this guy”. That’s what most of the auto detailers out there have thought at one time or another. Auto Detailing is not an easy job, but it can be very profitable, at least for the detailer.

As the number of cars on the road continues to increase the need for car wash businesses should also increase, according to the International Carwash Association website. A car wash can also be a good business for someone who enjoys working with his hands and enjoys working with the public.

Our industry today cleans, washes and waxes automotive vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, vans and trailers. It also includes self-service car wash establishments. This industry does not include companies that predominantly change motor oil or provide automotive repair and maintenance services.

A car wash can be a good business for an entrepreneur with little previous business experience. According to the International Carwash Association, 37 percent of car wash owners have owned their business for less than five years. According to a survey in Auto Laundry News, profits can range from $55,000 to $100,000 per year for a self-service car wash to $500,000 to $900,000 for a full-service business.

The world’s first car wash opened in 1914 in Detroit. It was called “The Automated Laundry.”

One business model that seems to always do well is a car wash business. A car wash is a very good business to start since the start up capital can potentially be very low. Overheads can also be very low.

The Car Wash and Auto Detailing industry has a low level of capital intensity. In 2012, on average industry operators are spending $0.11 on capital for every dollar spent on labor. The typical industry establishment has between 9 and 10 employees on premises, as there is a high degree of manual labor required for car washing. However, the level of capital intensity varies depending on the type of operation. Self-service establishments and in-bay automatic car washes have fewer labor requirements compared to conveyor car washes and auto detailing companies. Capital intensity has been rising over the past five years.

The reasons for investing in the car wash industry are numerous. Listed below are a few:

      • Your money is not tied up in inventory.
      • Your business starts earning money from the day it opens.
      • Minimal manpower and skills required.
      • Excellent Return on Investment.
      • Operation on strict cash basis.
      • One of the fastest growing and outsourcing-proof businesses.

Owning and operating your own

mobile detailing business

    • , like DetailXPerts can also be very rewarding and exciting. Your start-up costs are lower as opposed to leasing or purchasing a building and your overhead typically associated with operating a mobile auto detailing business is less expensive. It’s ultra convenient to have a professional detailer come to your home or business instead of having to drive to a facility and wait, or have to depend on someone to pick you up and take you back. The franchise opportunities that DetailXPerts has to offer are very lucrative business opportunity for everyone.

Yes, a car wash can be a great business. It’s a proven business model which works well for many people worldwide. You can start with next to nothing, and you can develop the business to the point where it is making a large profit. If you are interested in owning a car wash franchise, make sure to visit DetailXPerts Franchise.


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