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Car Wash Equipment: New vs. Used

Car Wash Equipment: New vs. Used

These days’ mobile car wash businesses are gaining popularity in many places. It is mostly getting popular in small districts and communities and people are taking up this trade of mobile car wash as a serious business. Running a car wash is ideal for many people. Without a doubt the car detailing business is currently very profitable. It is a very low-maintenance enterprise where customers can usually take care of themselves.

Mobile car wash equipment, unlike commercial equipment, does not need very heavy machines. They are generally very casual type of washing and are mostly done by hand. Self-service and automatic car washes require less labor, but upfront machinery and real estate costs can be high. Mobile and hand wash car washes require a smaller upfront investment in equipment, but ongoing labor costs must be considered.

Consider This…

You need to consider a number of factors when buying car wash equipment. The first thing is whether you want to purchase new or used equipment. Before starting a car wash business and purchasing equipment it is very important to do research. One should research the creditably of the companies selling used equipment.

Since the equipment is second hand, make sure to check it more than once so that the person buying it is not cheated. It might just happen that after buying the equipment it might not work, so yes buying used equipment involves a risk. Therefore it is very important to get it checked on the spot from the company people. And like with most things there are pros and cons.

Cons of Used Equipment:

  • Equipment may not work properly
  • Sales are final

Pros of Used Equipment:

  • Economical
  • Purchase equipment online

If You Are Just Starting…

For an individual interested in starting their own car wash business, starting with all new equipment is a costly choice. Buying used car wash equipment is an economical choice, in comparison to buying it new or renting. Initially starting as an individual new to the game, the capital will not be very much and you may not be able to invest a lot of money. Of course, care should be taken to avoid purchasing used machines that show wear or signs of abuse that may cause problems down the line.

Having already done the work of gaining a clear understanding of what kinds of machines are right for your business, you will have a better idea of what to look out for when surveying car wash equipment for sale. Once the business takes off it will be easier to go for the new equipment. The used car wash equipment may include a pressure washer, a hose, a pipe, and a steamer.

If You Are an Established Car Wash Owner…

or own your own professional detailing business. In this instance you may want to consider purchasing new equipment. Since you have an established clientele the income will continue to come and the demand will be there. Having new equipment is idea because of the frequent usage and wear and tear. Before you purchase machines that will require expensive alteration and installation work, make sure that you can afford not only to purchase them, but to make them work in your space as well. As an established car wash owner purchasing new equipment can be more beneficial for you in the long run.

A car washing business can be extremely profitable if well-planned, budgeted, and marketed. An important part of this process is selecting car wash equipment that fulfills a realistic view of a business’s budget, clientele, facility, and desired style of car wash. Be sure to do your research and get your business off to a clean start!


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