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5 Things Your Car Wash Employees Want to Hear From You

Car Wash Employees Want to Hear from

5 Things Your Car Wash Employees Want to Hear From You

As an employer, it is your responsibility to create a conducive work environment that will increase the quality of your car wash employees’ performance and engagement. Happy employees will make sure your customers are happy, thus allowing you to increase the profitability of your car wash. An employee who is unhappy will never work to his/her full capacity because there is no reward to look forward to, no matter how small it is. The “Employee of the Month” program is steadily being discredited so you might need new ideas. But a great idea has been right at hand all this time, as you will find below.

Your Car Wash Employees Would Like to Hear the Following 5 Things

1. Great Job, Thank You!

Nothing boosts the confidence of your car wash employees than the appreciation of their hard work. Don’t hesitate to praise where praise is due. Let them know how much their contributions mean to your car detailing business. This will not only please them but also inspire them to do better because they know that you are truly grateful for their skills and strengths. You can’t always afford to give them a raise for all their great work, so pay your employees with words. But don’t stop at a blunt thank you. Concentrate on individual aspects of the job that are well handled. Some of them might like to be openly praised, in front of their peers. By doing so, you will debunk the idea that employers only know how to criticize openly. Also remember not to overdo it because you might come across as insincere.

2. What Do You Think?

Team work is fundamental to the effective functioning of your business. Your employees may have a treasure trove of ideas to improve your business to bring in more profit. Value your car wash employees’ opinions and let them know that their opinions and ideas matter for your success. Ask for advice and help where it is needed. Take their ideas for improving your business seriously and most importantly, let them know that you are open to suggestions and criticisms. Don’t worry about “losing face” in front of your employees, because they understand that not everyone has all the answers. If you don’t agree with their opinions, don’t ridicule them, but thank them for their concern and continued support and let them down gently. This will not only make them appreciate your humility, but also boost their self-confidence.

3. It’s OK, We All Make Mistakes.

Yes, we all make mistakes because we’re only human. When your car wash employees say, “I’m sorry boss”, instead of haranguing them for their mistakes, let them know that you are ready to help them figure out the mistakes and put them right. Of course, you might say this is easier said than done. Yes, we understand that some mistakes, especially careless mistakes, should not and cannot be ignored or easily let go, but there are better ways to handle these issues than yelling at them in front of other car wash employees, because there is a good chance that this will breed some ill will that can effect the overall performance of your business.

Moreover, the growth of the car wash industry largely relies on innovation and innovation is all about taking risks, making mistakes, and learning from them to create better technologies. If your workplace is not open for innovation, your car wash employees may not be able to take advantage of their full potential.

4. Good Job, but Next Time Do It This Way.

Your car wash employees need positive reinforcement, not to be dragged down by negativity. Use constructive criticism to get your message across that there is room for improvement. Commend them for their effort while instructing them on a better way to handle the situation. Criticizing car wash employees in a way that will tear down their confidence will not only hurt them, but your business too. But it is also important not to sugar-coat the truth. False praise can hurt as much as negative criticism. So don’t be afraid to speak up when the necessity arises.

5. How are You?

Employees are like your family. Moreover, they are humans who should be treated as such. Treat them well, respect them, and show genuine concern for their well-being. Therefore, it is important to take a break from work related talk. You might not be able to offer solutions to all their problems, but empathy can go a long way. If they have families, ask after them. Establish a relationship that they respect and trust. They will reward you by being loyal and committed to your business.


Your workforce is the life blood of your car wash business. Inspiring your car wash employees to perform to their full potential is crucial for the development of your business. Rewarding them does not always require to spend money or put in a great effort. Take time to say these simple words and remind them every day why their work is important to every automobile owner out there. They are simple yet powerful tools that can be used to create a healthy and friendly work space.

If you are interested in becoming a car wash franchisee, check out the DetailXPert’s franchise opportunity. If you become a franchisee with us, you will learn everything that is needed to know about establishing effective management-worker relationships, because we, the franchisor, are here to support, train and help you along the way.

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