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Car Wash Competition-10 Things to Know for Business Success

Car Wash Competition 10 Things to Know for Business Success

Car Wash Competition-10 Things to Know for Business Success

If you want your business to be successful, you cannot ignore important information regarding car wash competition. This information can be very useful when you are constructing an effective car wash business plan. Car wash competition is certainly part of the game.

Here are ten things that you need to know to ensure your business’ success:

1.Be Able To Identify Your Competitors.

This may sound simplistic, but it’s very important to know exactly who your direct competitors are. Generally speaking, all car wash businesses are your competitors. However, it’s important to go beyond generalization and identify the car wash businesses that offer very similar. Or even the same services and products that you do.

Who are the competitors that appeal to the same target group that you do. Moreover, do they operate within close vicinity of your business? When customers do a Google search for your services, who are the competitors that people will see you with? This information is very important, so don’t guess who your competitors are. Be informed about exactly who they are, so that you can implement the appropriate business strategies.

2. Identify What Your Competitors’ Strengths.

After you’ve identified who your fellow car wash competition is,you need to do some more research to pinpoint what they are doing right. It’s very helpful to see just what your competition is doing right that keeps their customers coming back for repeat service. Identify your competition’s strengths and the things that they get high praises for. How many years have they been in business, and what keeps them doing good business?

Once you’ve identified what they are doing well, you will be able to compare those strengths with your business model. Looking at the strengths of your competitors may even give you some business tips that you have not thought about before.

3. Identify Your Competitors’ Weaknesses.

Identifying the weak points of your car wash competition  is equally as important as finding out what they are doing well. This is so for similar reasons listed above. When you assess the competition’s weak pints you will be able to compare this with your business model.

Are you doing the same things as poorly as they are? Are you doing anything exceptionally well that your competitions not good at? Evaluating strengths and weaknesses in your competition is an effective strategy for that can aid your marketing techniques. Car wash industry statistics can be very helpful in helping you to identify strengths and weaknesses in competitors.

4. Examine Their Levels of Customer Satisfaction.

What do your competitor’s customers have to say about their level of satisfaction for the services provided? Customers’ feedback is always golden, and they usually are unreserved about giving candid and truthful feedback. Looking at how high or low the satisfaction level of your competitors’customers is will add depth to your analysis of what the competition is doing well or poorly.

Customer feedback can be very detailed at times, even offering suggestions and recommendations about how the business can improve. Since  you are in the similar business as your competitors, this feedback is great for you. You will be able to see exactly what customers want and how they expect these services to be delivered.

5. Examine Your Competitors’ Presence on Social Media.

Involvement on social media platforms is almost a given marketing method in today’s business world. Businesses, whether small, medium or large, are expected to have some amount of presence on social media platforms. Your car wash competition is not exempt from this expectation, and will more than likely have one or a few active social media accounts.

Do your research to see which social media accounts they have available, and view each one to see the content that they share with their customers. Do they have a lot of subscribers? Is the content well received? Do they engage customers in conversations etc? What they do on their social media accounts and the response that they receive can tell you allot about their customer relations and marketing strategies.

6. Examine the Marketing Strategies of Your Car Wash Competition.

Speaking of marketing strategies, it is very important for you to be able to identify and examine the marketing strategies of your competitors. You and your competitors are in the same selection pool for your target markets. To make sure that customers choose you over your competition you have to be able to market your business in a way that gives you an edge, and makes you more appealing to your customers.

By looking at the competition’s marketing strategies, you will be able to see how you measure up where competitiveness is concerned. Do their marketing strategies drive success and bring them more customers and profits? Are customers particularly responsive to the marketing strategies that your competitors use? Are they using marketing methods that you have  not explored? These are important considerations that can greatly assist you in your marketing planning process.

7. Who Do They Have Working For Them?

Employees, like customers, are very important to the success of a business. It may seem strange that the competition’s employees are included in this list, but they give a very important insight that can make a world of difference in business operations.

When you examine the employees that your competitors have, you want to pay close attention to their skills,qualifications and compensation packages. Knowing the skill and qualification level of your competition’s staff, might give you some insight about what contributes to the level of service that they provide. Being knowledgeable about the compensation package that the employees receive may give you an idea of what affects their levels of motivation, and the possible lure that exists for your employees to leave you and go to work for the competition.

8. Pay Attention to Industry Trends and Stay Ahead.

Keeping up with new innovations and spotting relevant trends within the car wash industry, will help you with positioning your business ahead of your competition.

9. Compare Prices.

The customer base that you and your competitors share will always be comparing prices so that they can get the best deal. As a business owner, comparing your prices with those of your competitors will give you a glimpse of how customers make their choice between companies.

Comparing prices will help you to see how competitively priced your service and product offerings are in comparison to your competitors. This will help you to evaluate whether your services and prices are over-priced, under-priced or priced very well. It also helps with your business plan and marketing strategies, justifying the prices of your services and products .

10.Competitors’ Market Share.

Being able to determine how much market share your competitors have is very helpful in deciding what strategies your business needs to use. When you view how much market share your car wash competition has in relation to how much you have, you will be able to see if you need to use more aggressive strategies to take the leading position within the industry. Market share is a mark of how successful your business is within the industry, so pay close attention to your market share as well as your competitors’.

For more helpful and related car wash management advice  and for a wealth of industry knowledge, check out the DetailXPerts Opportunity .

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