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Car Wash Business Plan – Should You Seek Professional Help?

Car Wash Business Plan - Should You Seek Professional Help?

Car Wash Business Plan – Should You Seek Professional Help?

You know you want to own an auto wash business because you believe it is the right business for you. You have always been passionate about cars and would love to see them clean at all times. But because you are aware that running a car wash will cost much, much more than the hose and bucket mini auto wash you had as a child, you did your research and you came across articles and blogs that talk about the importance of having a car wash business plan. That leads you to wonder if you should write that plan or if you should entrust it to the pros.

Car Wash Business Plan: What Are Your Options?

The importance of having a car wash business plan goes beyond meeting the requirements set by your state. It is actually the heart and soul, the tool that can make or break your business. It is the thing that no car wash owner should miss in order to succeed. You can use it to track the overall progress of your car wash, from recruiting key employees to marketing your services. This is why care must be implemented during the writing process. But who should do it? Here are three options:

1. You can write it yourself

Yes, you can be the best candidate for the job. After all, it is your business so you have its best intention at heart. Do not worry if your knowledge of business jargon is limited to “assets and liabilities”. Contrary to what others think, you do not have to hold a master’s degree in business to create a car wash business plan. You can do your research, avail of the free templates that abound in the World Wide Web and consult your accountant-friend or relative regarding the details before you submit it to the people who matter. Not only will you save cash from hiring an expert, you will also sharpen your critical thinking skills as you create your plan. You will learn the ins and outs of your business, pros and cons of using this or that equipment and so much more. This will prepare you for making creative solutions to problems that you might not have considered during the planning process. Bear in mind, however, that writing your own car wash business plan can be an exhausting process that can take up a lot of your time and effort.

2. You can hire an expert

But what if you just cannot write a car wash business plan on your own? What if you are finding it difficult to express your thoughts into words? Then it is time to call an expert. He knows how to create a plan that will attract funders and write it as effectively as possible, from planning where your waste water should go so that it passes government standards to crafting creative marketing strategies that will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. An expert can also assist you in finding the right manager and with his connections, can also help you find prospective clients and investors as well. Of course, quality carries a hefty price tag so if you are considering this option, better prepare a huge amount of cash.

3. You can join a franchise

What if you cannot bring yourself to write a car wash business plan yet lack the extra budget for an expert? Then, joining a franchise might be your best option. As a franchisee, you will have the advantage of using a proven business model with a brand that has already gained public recognition. And while you’re at it, why not choose an eco car wash franchise? That will be a profitable and timely business considering the increasing number of people who are supporting and promoting green living. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of being part of a community of people who take an active part in saving the environment.

Joining Detailxperts, for example, opens you up to a wide range of possibilities. Our mobile units will allow you to take your car wash business to wherever clients are – in their homes, offices, gyms, even in schools and playgrounds. You will be part of a community that promotes environmental sustainability. Not to mention that you will benefit from our industry knowledge as well as business knowledge – we can help you with the business planning process as part of your franchise package. No need to spend countless hours of research, pre-writing, drafting and editing just to create the perfect business plan.

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