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Car Wash Business Plan Sample Free Download: Top 10 Websites

Car Wash Business Plan Sample

Car Wash Business Plan Sample Free Download: Top 10 Websites

A business plan is a must for a car wash business. It can be a tool to raise capital for your car wash and serve as a guide map towards success. But creating a business plan is not as easy as it seems. You’ll need a car wash business plan sample. Where to get a good one? Below is a list of websites that we believe are the best resources for business plan sample free downloads.

10 Websites with Car Wash Business Plan Sample Free Downloads

1. Bplans

Bplans features a car wash business plan sample of an actual car wash on its website. It has all the essential elements of a business plan, including an executive summary.

Car Wash Business Plan Sample Free Download Top 10 Websites

The car wash business plan can be downloaded for free in Word format if you sign up for membership. If you choose not to be a member, you can always copy-paste from the website. Bplans’s sample is easy to read as it has visual appeal. It includes sample graphs, charts and tables. It also has a quick links section of the plan outline on the left side of the page to make it easy for you to use. Their car wash business plan sample is a web favorite and is featured in many other websites.

2. The Finance Resource

The Finance Resource’s car wash business plan sample free download on this website is for demonstration purposes only. If you want the complete template, it’s available for $18.95. The good thing about their sample is its objectivity. The sample is designed for raising capital for a car wash business. This sample is for you if you’re applying for a loan or trying to woo investors. You will also find testimonials from users who used their template on the website.

3. WikiDownload

WikiDownload also provides a car wash business plan sample free download. Their template is downloadable in PDF format and is also designed to request for financing. All essential elements of a business plan are present in the template. Instead of examples, the template gives you instructions on what to include in every element. There are some components where they provided examples, like what a business goal is.

4. Car Wash Business 101

Car Wash Business 101’s car wash business plan sample free download is user-friendly. It’s in PDF format which is familiar to most users. In essence, it is a fill-in-the-blanks type of template. Furthermore, it is very comprehensive because of the specific examples provided. It features samples of maps, graphs, tables, and site plans. However, please note that this sample does not have an executive summary.

5. Growthink

Growthink offers a complete and comprehensive general-purpose business plan sample for free download. Available versions include a Word and a PDF file. Each one contains clues and hints on what to write within each section of your business plan. Additionally, there’s the Ultimate Business Plan Template which claims to enable users to complete it within a day. However, it comes with a price tag.

6. Professional Carwashing & Detailing

Professional Carwashing & Detailing Magazine features an article that outlines a car wash business plan sample free download for a first-time owner or operator setting up a new full-service car wash. The sample has instructions but no specific examples. However, there are random tips like what investors want and related details like revenue projection.

7. Upmetrics

Upmetrics’s car wash business plan sample free download is quite appealing visually. This online software company offers a template that goes beyond simple wording. In fact, it includes graphics and design elements that give you an idea of how to style up your own car wash business plan. Why? Because that’s how it will stand out. Simply download the template, review it, and pick the elements you want to include in your own plan.

8. Profitable Venture

This website offers a variety of sample business plans. The car wash one is written in the name of Spotless Car Wash Company in the heart of Las Vegas. It reads as a complete business plan with all necessary elements – industry overview, executive summary, services, business structure, roles and responsibilities, SWOT analysis, etc. The downside of this car wash business plan sample is that you need to copy-paste it onto your own document and re-write it to fit your specific situation. What impressed us about it, though, is the presence of a Check List/Milestone section at the end. It shows potential investors/partners how far into the process you have already gone.

9. Top Entrepreneur

Top Entrepreneur’s car wash business plan sample free download is short and easy to read. The samples for every business plan components are brief. They have an additional guide on what the financial plan page entails. It also features downloadable Excel files of a balance sheet and a projected income statement. The absence of charts and graphs lessens the appeal of the business plan offered on this website.

10. Reference for Business

Reference for Business provides a complete car wash business plan sample free download. Except for graphs, tables and charts, it has all the essential components of a good business plan. It is not very appealing as it is purely text.


You know that your car wash business plan is very important. There are so many resources at your disposal. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one car wash business plan sample when creating your own. The trick is for you to gather the strengths of the different samples and combine them into one great car wash business plan personalized for your car wash business needs. You can also benefit from reading reputable blogs and reviews to help you with your own car wash business plan.

If you are contemplating starting your own car wash business but are not quite the business plan writing type, why not consider becoming a franchisee? True, you would still need a business plan guideline, but in this case you will have the strong support of a proven business system like DetailXPerts’. Have a look at our home-based franchise business opportunity and call us to discuss your application.

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