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Car Wash Business Plan: Market Strategies in Business Planning

Car Wash Business Plan: Market Strategies in Business Planning

The process of setting up a business is quite straightforward but the crux of your car wash business plan lies in how you strategize your marketing to establish and grow your market share. Your marketing strategies business plan is instrumental to how you will convince consumers to buy from you so that you will realize the revenues needed to sustain your business.

Firstly, your market research would have narrowed down your ideal demographic segments to which to market your cutting edge car wash services. Let’s say you want to target high end car owners, car dealerships, auto repair shops, leasing companies, and local businesses with fleets.

Next, you will need to clarify how you will position your brand in terms of pricing, distribution and promotion in order to differentiate it from your competitors. It is important to especially stand out as a clear and distinct brand in the minds of your target client segments.


Consumers usually associate high prices with high quality and vice versa. How they perceive the value of your services often times differ. The owners of expensive cars with more sophisticated tastes and deep pockets may be skeptical of your service quality if your prices are closer to the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Studies have also shown that customers do not all have the same economic value. So, while you may be able to make 50% margins from 25% of your market base, you may be running at a loss for a third of them. You have to research what your competition charges, your consumers’ price points and then work out your optimum pricing strategy business plan to attract the right kind of customers.


Your business plan distribution strategy determines how you plan to deliver your services to your customers. Some of the questions it should be able to respond to are:

What distribution channels do you have to offer them and are they positioned as close as possible to your target segments? If they have to go out of the way to get to your location to use your services, that inconvenience might be a deal breaker. Should the deals be lucrative, whereas, you would have a plan B such as to have mobile detailing units that can go to the clients premises? What about your competitors, what distribution channels do they use and are your distribution channels more efficient than theirs?


What are your promotional strategies at the initial stage, six months on, seasonally and on an ongoing basis?

For the first month or so that you are open, you need to create as much buzz as possible by generating interest and volume. To do so, you will have to entice your new prospects with attractive discounts or certain free services to try out with their next service.

Word of mouth leveraging, and, promotional giveaways and incentives with the help of social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are quick, inexpensive and effective ways to reach large audiences. They are pervasive, popular and dynamic platforms that allow you and your audiences to connect and engage in news and stories about your brand. In effect, they not only multiply the awareness of your brand manifold, they are a powerful tool to grow your car wash online presence and reputation.

This section of your car wash business plan should give you and your intended readers, a clear idea as to your strategic overall plan of action to achieve steady streams of customers that will help turn it into the lucrative business you envision it to be.

Last but not least, for the overall implementation, be sure to include the management team involved, who has ownership of which strategy; how it will be organized and if you will seek advice from professional consultants.

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