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Car Wash Business Plan: Writing a Business Description

Car Wash Business Plan: Writing a Business Description

A car wash business plan is as much a planning apparatus as it is a communications tool. While each of the plan’s segments have their specific importance, the lead-in sections, one of which is the business plan, business description are vital. At this kickoff point, you do not want to leave your audience to guess about the nature and scope of your business or business-to-be.

The company’s business description for a business plan is the framework of your business venture. For starters, you should open by talking about how the idea originated. Then, expand into where it is at currently, where you foresee its future prospects and how do you plan to capitalize on its strengths to grow it taking into account the challenges it presents.

How Did Your Idea Come About

Your business idea may have been born out of a personal need to have your car washed and detailed in a more organic and environmental way that was just missing in your local area. Or, it could be that you have been helping your dad run his car repair shop or car dealership in the past. But, you want to do your own thing now and set up your own car wash business. It will be a perfect complement to your father’s business line. Moreover, you have a head start as you are part of an established name and are on first name basis with many of the local vehicle owners with whom you have done business. Having a father and son for start-up is a good business strategy.

If your story is compelling, you are sure to have your audience undivided attention.

Where It Is At Currently

At this stage, you probably would have done your market research and polled the people in the area as to their thoughts and feelings about the kind of services you feel will appeal to them and that you are qualified to offer. This section should inform your reader the overall current status of similar type businesses in the area and sway them as to why the concept you propose fills a lucrative niche that is under-served or yet to be served.

Where Do You See Its Future & How You Plan To Capitalize On Your Strengths

Let your reader know the prospective future and strengths your proposal is capitalizing on. It could be that your motto is to be a sustainable business, which synches well with the rising public awareness and concerns on environmental, pollution and sustainable issues. Your business wants to be part of the solution and its strengths are in the distinct equipment, products, services and processes that you use which are unlike those used by many conventional car wash facilities. As the services you plan to offer are quite unique, you need to expand a bit more on them in your business plan service description.

The Challenges It Presents

Last but not least, keep your business description in the business plan real by including the challenges you foresee. In our economic times, hiring reliable employees, customer service, and pricing strategies pose serious challenges to the car wash business sector.

Should you neglect to mention any challenges, your reader will be wary and will doubt your integrity and business ability. They will start to doubt you — if you did the proper research and analysis or are you ignorant of real business issues or that you are trying to pull a fast one on them or all of the above. By keeping it real, your business plan description will not be shorting your chances at this early stage.

In each of these sub-sections, you want to make sure to work them into the business planbfor your readers and not waste their time with gray areas that leave them guessing. They are seasoned players and will instantly pick up any doubts or weaknesses in your proposal that will impact on whether you have a chance with them.

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