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Is Your Car Ready for Spring?

Is Your Car Ready for Spring

Is Your Car Ready for Spring?

Everyone preps their vehicles ahead of time for the cold season. However, most people forget to do so once the warm weather rolls around again. Are you ready for spring? The majority of people deep clean their houses as a way to jump into the season. Similarly, drivers need to remember their cars require attention, especially after the tough elements of winter. With these tips, your vehicle will cruise down the roads and shine.

Ready for Spring Cleaning?

The best time to thoroughly clean out your car is once the average temperature rises. Wait until the freezing weather disappears for good before you prep your vehicle for the warmer temps. Depending on where you live will determine what month this falls in.

Wintertime is the most popular time of year for everyone to fall ill. These germs cling to the areas you visit the most, including your car. By making your vehicle ready for spring, you also eliminate the lingering germs and dirt.

Vacuum Everything

First, you want to clear out the vehicle by throwing away any trash. Leftover crumbs and other debris can be cleaned up by the vacuum. Beginning at the top of the interior roof, run the vacuum over the ceiling. This allows any dust or debris to fall to the ground for later removal. Work your way through the entire vehicle, moving down to the seats and ending on the floors. Don’t forget to suck out the crumbs in between the nooks and crannies. Vacuuming first leaves an easy slate for you to move onto further cleaning steps.

Streak-Free Windows

Removing dirt and film from your windows is important to ready your car for spring. Ensuring your vision isn’t impaired by a streaked windshield helps to eliminate possible accidents as well. Use a non-ammonia based window cleaner to spray both the interior and exterior of the windows. A microfiber towel partnered with the solution will leave a streak-free finish for clear driving.

Air Vents and Filters

Dust collects over time in all the nooks and crannies of your vehicle. Although most people forget the air vents when they clean their cars. Turning on the air or heat can shoot any debris from the vents throughout the entire vehicle, which is why it’s important to sanitize. Steam cleaning eliminates germs from the vents, preventing the spread of any sickness your family had over the winter. The filter might need to be replaced as well to start fresh for the spring season.

Exterior Wipe Down

Washing off the exterior of the vehicle should happen on a regular basis. However, once the weather drops below freezing, it’s difficult to keep up with. Rinsing away the salt and debris from the roads helps to lengthen the life of your car’s paint. When warm weather rolls in, this is the best time to clear away the leftover dirt. Without the snow and inclement weather, the transportation department no longer throws salt on the asphalt to prevent freezing. This allows your car to stay clean for a longer period of time.

When working on the exterior, focus on the undercarriage of the vehicle as well. Driving down the road will kick up debris on your car but also impacts the underneath. This helps to avoid corrosion if the salt is left on for too long. Even a quick rinse washes away the residue to avoid significant damage.

Steam Sanitation

To completely eliminate germs and debris from both the interior and exterior of your car, steam cleaning works the best. The hot temperature evaporates dirt and sanitizes the inside of the vehicle. This method works on the outside as well, removing salt residue from the roads. Understanding how to properly utilize steam cleaners is important to successfully clean your car and have it ready for spring.

DetailXPerts is an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company that specializes in steam cleaning technology. With our professionally-trained technicians, we will refresh your vehicle for the warm weather, eliminating germs and debris along the way. Visit one of our locations today for a fresh, spring clean.

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