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What Are Car Detailing Rates Per Job

What Are the Detailing Rates Per Job

What Are Car Detailing Rates Per Job

Do you prefer to call in the professionals for a detailing appointment every week? But, the truth is that regular automobile detailing can cost you a pretty penny. Unless you’re willing to throw away money for every wash-and-wax you get at the detailers’, chances are you are going to have to share in the job of taking care of your vehicle. But when you do have the money to pay for professional work, it is good to keep in mind you are charged detailing rates.

A Good Investment – Detailing Rates

Your vehicle is a solid financial investment, so you should squeeze out every penny you put into its purchase price. The only way to do so, is to spend money along the way for its upkeep. Professional detailers understand that car owners have different needs, budgets, and preferences when it comes to cleaning their vehicles. Therefore, they offer a variety of detailing packages that will suit just about anyone.

Pay attention to the results that your detailer achieves when you get your car back. Did he perform all services included in the package satisfactorily? Did he throw in a few extra bells and whistles here and there together with your basic package, at no extra cost? In addition, evaluate the car again after a week of being on the road. Does it still look, feel, and smell the way it did when you left the detailing shop?

The Detailer’s Perspective – Detailing Rates

Your auto detailer will look at a number of things when crafting his detailing rates. For example, these are cost of raw materials, size of the vehicle, materials comprising the interior and exterior of the car, location, season, and special services.

All these things and more will factor into the total cost of your detailing. Different shops come up with different detailing rates to cater to the specific needs of their target market. Further, as well as to maximize the expertise and knowledge of their professional staff.

Pay for What You Get

A basic car detailing service should not cost you more than a hundred bucks, but a fifty-dollar service should be good enough if your car is not that dirty. Premium services can cost you upwards of one hundred dollars, but that’s if you have money to spare for add-on features.

What’s included in a basic package? Your car should have been hand washed and waxed on the outside, including the tires and wheel wells. On the other hand, the interior should be vacuumed, shampooed, and polished thoroughly.

<>Anything more than these will cost you a bit more, but it all depends on whether or not you actually need extra services. For example, you might want to avail yourself of a presidential detailing package or a full steam cleaning service every six months to really keep your car in good shape. Or, if your car is a vintage model that requires extra cleaning products, you might ask that your detailer use only these special cleansers to ensure the integrity of the vehicle. The total detailing rates you get all depends on the type of service you opt for.


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