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What are the Benefits of using Steam for Truck Washing?

What are the Benefits of using Steam for Truck Washing?

As a semi truck driver you are on the move, and you often miss your home comforts thus leaving you to manage what you have. To make home away from home you take pains in personalizing your semi. You start to install self-cooling seat cushion to give you comfort in the scorching summer heat. You then decide to modify your cabin with a lot of interiors. In such circumstances, interior cleaning for semi trucks becomes very important.

Caring For Your Semi Truck

Interiors in your semis are precious and need proper care. Installing a comfort seating system is as simple as adding a cushion to support your back so that you can sit erect and alert for hours. Many semis are fitted with massage cushions with heating devices because they often have to pass more time in cool environments. Additionally, your semi is fitted with air purifiers, arm rests and host of other conveniences.

At times, you eat and rest in your semis. Keeping your cabin clean free from germs as much as possible is vital because your fitness and health depends upon the hygiene that you maintain. After all it is your home away from home. Interior cleaning for semi trucks become critical as you do not want to make it a breeding ground for virus and bacteria, because of the reasons listed before. Usually, you clean your seats and parts with liquid cleaners and rub them off with cotton cloths but that is not sufficient. With the naked eye your cabin may look neat and clean but the area needs periodic sanitization. Usual washing methods for external parts of your semis involving acid and alkaline baths can damage your precious interiors and gadgets. Although these baths do not touch the interior parts of the cabin but fumes do affect them for their volatile nature. Besides, they spoil environment wasting huge quantity of water.

You need to think about some novel ways to get your semis clean and hygienic.

Here at DetailXPerts we have developed an eco friendly way specifically for your semis to keep interiors of cars clean and fresh. That eliminates the need of water as well as harsh detergents that spoils environment. We employ steam and specially formulated organic chemicals to provide ultimate in washing. Steam wash offers many benefits over traditional cleaning methods. Steam wash sterilizes and sanitizes important areas of the driver cabin providing full safety to truckers. The cleaning is done with safe steam temperature of around 177 degrees F safeguarding the gloss and texture of the seats, cushions, pillows, and other accessories.

Professional detailing services fromDetailXPerts can provide you environment friendly and green ways of not only interior cleaning for your semi trucks but also complete external cleaning too. We have unfolded a new vision and ways to preserve our environment through our innovative ways and green methods. Meeting local regulatory requirements and saving our environment is a need of the hour. Next time when you think of washing your truck, think about this novel method of steam wash and you will have a great feeling saving our environment.


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