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Being Your Own Boss in the Car Wash Industry

Being Your Own Boss in the Car Wash

Being Your Own Boss in the Car Wash Industry

Being your own boss is a very brave and personal step to take. There may be many reasons why you decided to take control of your work life; to be your own boss, or for financial freedom, for example. Building your own business is a very exciting journey to undertake, but you should make sure you have thought through the decision and devoted as much attention as you can to planning, seeking consultants, and choosing your products and services etc. As your own boss you get to call the shots, set policies, implement your own ideas and hire employees –but is being your own boss really for you?

What You Need to Start

Marketing Strategy

As soon as you decide to take the step to being your own boss, you will need to craft your business plan and marketing strategy, conduct relevant industry research and raise the necessary finances. Among businesses that fail, the common denominator is a lack of business knowledge or experience in the area the entrepreneur wants to go into. Before you start your journey to being your own boss, you should thoroughly assess whether you have the experience and knowledge you need to enter the car wash industry. If you find you do lack business knowledge or skills in this field, you can conduct research into the industry or consider purchasing a car wash franchise that will provide the necessary help and support you need for your startup.

Day-to-Day Business Management

As your own boss you will soon realize you will have many small tasks you will need to perform in your day-to-day business management. This can include testing out equipment and specialty cleaning products, considering different detailing services, trying out different business models, and deciding whether you want your business to be eco-friendly. You’ll also have to decide whether you want your car wash business to be a full service facility, in-bay, self-service or a mobile company. Some common mistakes car wash business owners make include not hiring enough staff, not being educated correctly, investing in the wrong products and services, ill management, and ignoring the online market.

For example, you may have the best equipment in the market and offer the best services, but if your front-line detailing staff is badly trained, your operations, profits and customer satisfaction rating can be crippled. It’s important to avoid these mistakes as best you can in order to promote the success of your car wash business. As the manager of your own business, you should familiarize yourself with tips for training new employees before you open your business and make your first hire.

Do You Have What It Takes to Own a Business?

As we said before, being your own boss is a brave and personal step to take. But it is also a very hard decision that can often be overwhelming and require an awful lot of hard work to be successful. Before you decide to be your own boss you should assess your entrepreneurial skills by creating a checklist of your business strengths and weaknesses. Good business owners possess leadership and management skills, good organizational skills, business experience, strong interpersonal skills, a competitive attitude, and high energy and self-confidence.

Those who may lacks skills or knowledge in some areas compensate this by hiring people who can help; they may develop a partnership or hire a mentor to ensure the success of their car wash business. You’ve made a huge commitment to your business, so now you need to stick to it and do everything you can to keep it going. Know your business inside out, and know when you need to ask for help from experienced professionals and your network of supporters. When you are being your own boss, you should be prepared for just about anything.

A Day in the Life of a Car Wash Business Owner: The Good, The Bad, and The Long Term

The car wash industry is very lucrative; nearly every household now has a car that needs washing at some point so car wash services will always be in demand. Working in a car wash business can be fun due to its casual atmosphere. You get to work in the great outdoors and enjoy the weather. Being your own boss of your car wash business means you should be the one who knows the business better than anyone. As the boss, Car Wash Industry Being Your Own Bossyou will have to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in right alongside your staff. Spray and scrub cars as they pull through the car wash, and fill in when an employee is off.

Create opportunities for your staff to grow professionally and ensure you keep them in constant communication to share ideas, feedback and suggestions. Have programs, procedures and policies in place that will ensure your business’ success.


So, that’s the good of being your own boss of a car wash business; what about the bad? Sales can often be unreliable in certain times of year, for example in winter after inclement weather. You should always keep in mind that no business is failure-proof and many factors can lead to the downfall of your business; and many of these factors fall on your shoulders. Lack of skilled staff, poor marketing plans, bad customer service, an inability to deal with competition and bad relationships with staff and vendors are all factors that could hinder the success of your car wash business. Being your own boss means there are no shortcuts to being a successful business owner. The process may be tedious at first, but you should be in it for the long term to take the steps to success.

If you feel you lack the experience and knowledge you need to be your own boss in the car wash industry, become one of our franchisees and benefit from our industry experience and business expertise. Check out how we support our franchisees!

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