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Automotive Fleet Market Trends & Updates

Automotive Fleet Market Trends and Updates

Automotive Fleet Market Trends & Updates

One could say that the automotive fleet market trends today have been in the making as far back as the mid-90s when oil prices started to fluctuate. Not long after, the 2008 economic meltdown became the catalyst that really shook up our economy and brought it down to its knees. With hindsight, it also hit home the reality checks we needed to cut-back on “indulgences” but instead to economize, optimize and innovate.

Automotive Fleets – Economizes

In terms of economies, many fleets in both the private and public sectors have been forced to operate with reduced capital replacement funds. As such, they have little choice but to down-size, right-size and even out-source certain aspects of their services. On the upside, their increased vigilance on the upkeep and maintenance of their fleets has resulted in reduction in parts expenses and supplier services. Their focus is now much more on efficiency, durability and sustainability.

Automotive Fleets – Optimizations

In the public sector, the fleet management teams there are also focused on maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of their fleets. They are leveraging their existing resources with the help of innovative fleet management solutions as well as benchmarking programs that look at different aspects such as staffing levels, skills and demands. Some have made significant progress with their reductions in capital expenditures and expenses.

Automotive Fleets – Take Advantage of Innovations

Compared to twenty years ago, the quality of vehicles today has become ever more sophisticated. They are now decked out with complex and smart technologies that collect vehicular and transport data of all sorts. The data collected helps fleet managers to analyze and benchmark their fleet’s performance for better efficiencies in mileage, fuel usage, carbon emissions etc.

Infotainment systems like the GPS (which inform and alert their drivers as to which routes and which best routes to take in terms of traffic); and maintenance alert systems that triggers reminders when a maintenance check up or an oil drainage is due, are all must-haves for their vehicles.

As with private auto owners, fleets are also holding on to their cars longer than before and as such, regular and frequent maintenance and upkeep go hand in hand with their aim to prolong the usable life of their vehicles. The auto aftermarket such as auto body repair shops, car wash and detailing businesses are expected to see increasing demand for their services.
When it comes to replacing their fleet’s old autos, fleet teams are doing so with newer, more efficient cars and in some cases, are opting for prototypes too.

In a nutshell, the automotive fleet market trends are showing fleets remain conservative with their big ticket purchases. They are intent on maximizing the returns from their existing fleets by making full use of any or all of the efficiencies and innovative solutions that are available, feasible and affordable to them.

For automotive fleet owners and managers who are looking for one of the best and most effective green detailing care for their fleets, look no further than this page. Call us today and let our DetailXPerts detailing fleet services give your fleet the best ever cleaning it has yet to receive.


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