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Auto Spa Businesses Are on the Rise

Auto Spa Businesses Are on the Rise

Auto Spa Businesses Are on the Rise

More and more car owners are availing expert care for their cars. This is especially valid for those with luxury cars or classic models that need special care. These owners want more out of a regular car wash. Therefore, they turn to auto spa services. An auto spa, apart from providing the standard exterior and interior cleaning services of a regular car wash, offers cosmetic car services such as restoration detailing (e.g. erasing swirls and scratches; removing road paint, asphalt, and grease, etc.). Getting this exceptional attention for their car makes auto spa appealing to its target market and to car detailing entrepreneurs. More and more car wash establishments are starting to offer auto spa services and to upgrade their auto detailing offerings.

What are the benefits of using an auto spa? How is it different from a regular car wash? Why is it gaining popularity among modern day vehicle owners? Read on.

The Benefits of Using an Auto Spa

Better Care for Your Car

An auto spa is like a royal treatment for your car. It gives great attention to certain details of your car. Details, that a regular car wash might miss – like your car’s air conditioning vent or trunk. It boasts of professional craftsmanship in cleaning every inch of your car. It restores your paint to its showroom condition. And, it applies a protective film to your car’s paint. It drastically improves your car’s appearance. Making sure the engine is free from contaminants and leaks allows the engine to run cooler. Some have additional services like letting you pick a fragrance to install in your car and high-end customer lounges as waiting areas, giving clients the best auto detailing experience possible.

Environment-Friendly Products and Practices

Availing of auto spa services is not only good for your car. It is also good for the environment. The improper water waste disposal from a car wash can cause grave environmental impact. So grave, that it requires the enforcement of regulations around it. The chemicals in the soap along with dirt, grime, oil and different car fluids (e.g. antifreeze, transmission fluid) seep into water systems from the storm drainage. Auto spas believe in contributing positive environmental impact by using biodegradable cleaning products, reusing cleaning tools and recycling waste water and car fluids. Energy and water consumption are monitored and are kept to a minimum. Some auto spa establishments maintain facilities that serve as oil drop off centers. Thus, they can recycle oil, so it does not end up in bodies of water and potentially contaminate potable water supply.

Longer-Lasting Effect

Professional detailers use premium products for washing and polishing your car. You can expect that the professional finish you get after an auto spa service will last longer than a regular car wash. This means that you don’t need to have your car detailed as often. In turn, this saves you time and money in the long run. Auto detailing prevents the depreciation of your car by removing contaminants that damage your car’s exterior and interior surfaces. It improves your car’s overall condition. Thus, it will have a higher resale value the moment you want to put it up on the market.

The Auto Spa: Giving Special Care for Your Classic Car

It takes a professional to understand the detailing needs of a classic car. The composition of the paint that the car has on may not be compatible with just any detailing product or tool available in the market. And the car’s built is not made to withstand the harsh environmental elements that we experience. That’s why it tends to be more prone to damage. Auto detailing helps restore and preserve the original state of your classic car that eventually enhances its actual value.

Vintage cars are not exposed to direct sunlight to prevent fading of the paint and the appearance of watermarks on the exterior. It is steam cleaned so that the car’s parts won’t get soaked with water and cause rusting. It also provides extra protection to your car to make it more resistant to harmful elements. Car enthusiasts know how much their antique cars are worth. They won’t settle for car care services that could potentially ruin a very lavish investment.

The auto spa might just be what you’re looking for to give your car the pampering it deserves. But be aware that not all auto spa establishments provide the same quality of service. Some specialized services may not be offered in some auto detailing shops and some may not practice the same environment-friendly practices as others do. DetailXPerts is a pioneer of eco auto spa and stands by its environmental commitment and sustainable initiatives. “We bring the eco auto spa to you!” is a famous tagline of the company.

Contact DetailXPerts now to schedule an appointment and let your car have the TLC only detailing experts can provide.

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