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Get Your Car Ready for the Auto Show

Get Your Car Ready for the Auto Show

When you’re the proud owner of a vintage car that still looks brand new, you know how important it is to regularly schedule an appointment with a professional detailing services expert to give your car the cleaning it deserves.

Proper maintenance is the key not only to your car’s good looks but also to its top-notch performance, notwithstanding the fact that it was rolled out of the automaker’s factory some thirty-odd years ago.

Prepping for an Auto Show

Have you ever been invited to showcase your beloved car at your county’s auto show? Were you ever a member of a car club where everyone takes turns explaining how they take care of their vintage vehicles? Do you want to join a car show competition? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then you know it’s time to prep your car for the show. After all, you don’t want your pride and joy to be the sorriest-looking auto in the bunch and earn low marks from the judges.

Even if you regularly wash your car’s exterior and vacuum the interior, you still need to see a specialty professional detailing expert to restore your car’s perfect appearance. Old-fashioned cleaning is simply not enough to meet the strict standards of the car experts who will view your vehicle at the show.

It is likely that you have missed out on a hard-to-reach corner or forgotten to vacuum under the carpeting, and these are just the sort of things that car show judges will look for when scoring vehicles. It’s hard to impress car enthusiasts because they have seen more than their fair share of all types of cars, but if you prepare well you can wow them with your car’s high-class glossy finish and good performance.

Take it a Step Further

Once your car has already been professionally detailed, vacuumed and waxed, you’re ready to bring it to the car show and let everyone see how well you have maintained it through the years. But if you really want to earn the first prize, you have to work extra hard to make sure that your car stands out from all the others in the show.

You can bring pictures of the restoration work you’ve done on the vehicle so that people can see how much work you put in to bringing the car back to life, especially if you’ve performed some of the repairs on your own. If you’ve already won trophies at previous car fairs and shows, bring them along with you and display them around your car. As a final touch, you can add car- or era-specific decorations to make your car a little more interesting. A Plymouth Roadrunner can be paired with “The Roadrunner” stuffed toys in the driver’s seat or on the hood. This will surely make people stop and admire your car display.

Your car can still accumulate dust and dirt even at the event venue itself, so bring a couple of soft cleaning cloths to wipe your vehicle with in between visits. Buff the surface every now and then to bring out that mirror-like shine and impress onlookers and judges even more.


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