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8 Benefits of Using Deionized Water for Car Washing

8 Benefits of Using Deionized Water for Car Washing

8 Benefits of Using Deionized Water for Car Washing

With all that hullabaloo about deionized water for car washing, you, the car owner who wants to prolong the life of your prized possession and preserve its beauty, wonder whether this type of water can indeed, be beneficial.

What Deionized Water Is

There’s a misconception that deionized water (DI) is water that has all its ions eliminated. Not really. This type of water was initially used for laboratory purposes. Chemists found out that deionizing water removes minerals that can otherwise affect results of their experiments. It was only used for cleaning vehicles a decade ago.

But what are the benefits of deionized water for car washing? Read on and find out.

Deionized Water for Car Washing: The Benefits

1. Prevents Water Spots

Waterspots can be a true headache for vehicle owners. These unsightly spots are caused by inefficient drying, acidic contaminants, and frequent use of hard water for cleaning. Using deionized water helps you address these issues. First, it dries up faster than tap water. Second, since the minerals in water have been removed, no deposits are left behind. Third, its lack of ions makes it a magnet for contaminants like dust, dirt, acids from rain, bird droppings, etc.

2. Prevents Swirls and Scratches

As mentioned in number 1, deionized water attracts contaminants. So you have less need for stiff brushes and harsh chemicals that can cause ugly swirls and scratches that may require expensive body repairs later on.

3. Saves Time

Some users attest that deionized water has helped reduce their car cleaning time by half. If you have been washing your prized possession for three hours, for example, you will be able to save an hour and a half which you can use for working, catching up on the latest news, playing with your kids or getting in touch with your friends.

4. Saves Water

And since you get to rinse your vehicle faster, you save a lot of water. So if you have been consuming 20 gallons of water for car washing at home, you’ll be cutting it to 10 gallons per wash. Of course, this is just a rough estimate.

5. Saves Energy

Since you save time from rinsing and drying, you’ll be saving a lot of energy too. That’s energy that you can channel to play with your kids or meet with some friends.

6. Saves Money

With deionized water, you save money from not buying chemicals and additional tools for cleaning your ride. All you need are two buckets, microfiber towels, some organic soap, and water. now, that would save up some space in your garage too!

7. Saves the Environment

And since you don’t have to use harsh chemicals that can pollute the soil,  storm drains, surface and groundwater, you help save the environment in the process.

8. Makes Waxing Easier

As Celine Witherell wrote on article for Dr. Beasley’s, “The most important time to specifically use distilled water when dealing with your car is prior to/during the application of sealants and coatings.” It’s because there are contaminants that are not visible to the naked eye.  That’s why detailers who do not use steam or deionized water need a clay bar before waxing.

Not sure whether the carwash in your area uses deionized water? Then, you may want to schedule an appointment with us where you don’t need to worry about the bad effects of not deionized water because we use steam to clean vehicles and preserve water altogether.


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