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7 Lessons to Learn from Ziebart Automotive Appearance & Protection Success Story

7 Lessons to Learn from Ziebart Automotive Appearance & Protection Success Story

Everyone dreams of running a successful business in their lifetime. People like to be their own boss and come up with their vision for their company. One man inspires us on a daily basis – Kurt Ziebart. His company expands internationally today, but everyone has to start somewhere in their business ventures.

Top Lessons to Learn from Ziebart

1. Money Struggles

At one point in everyone’s lives, they know what it’s like to struggle with money. It takes hard work to earn a comfortable financial status. Kurt Ziebart knew this reality all too well. The Europe native moved to Michigan without a penny to his name, borrowing money from family to make it.

Ziebart’s net worth was over $20 million before he passed. This shows you that even if you think you come from nothing, you can make something of yourself!

2. Think Outside the Box

The simplest way to create a successful business – an idea. People seek out the best technology or advancement to make life easier. Basically, come up with a concept that will improve the quality of life.

For example, Ziebart develops an idea to prevent rusting on cars. In the 1950s, this type of advancement is unheard of! Dare to dream big and you will be rewarded down the road.

3. Choosing the Right Partners

Most people don’t realize the importance of choosing a business partner. Thoroughly researching the person and ensuring they have the same vision in mind needs to be considered before making a decision. The right business partner can help lead your company to success.

Ziebart partnered with Rudy Herman and Joe Selagi. Herman owned the collision shop Ziebart worked in before he created his own business. These two developed the rust-proofing sealant that led to their first shop opening in Detroit, Michigan.

4. Believe in Yourself

Coming up with new ideas might mean that some people don’t think you can do it. Introducing something to the public can be difficult, especially if there’s nothing on the market like it. However, keep believing in yourself and work toward your goals until the end!

When Ziebart first introduced his rust-proofing sealant, the general public didn’t believe him. They believed it to be a ‘hoax’ that it would actually help prevent rust on their vehicles. However, he continued his business, knowing his solution would work and eventually the public supported his product.

5. Additional Companies

Don’t be afraid to partner with other companies to help expand your business. In Ziebart’s case, his business offered the rust-proofing services, as well as, a few other products. Combining resources with another company can be beneficial if you choose wisely.

In the late 1990s, Ziebart partnered with Speedy Auto Glass to help boost their profits and offer more to their customers. Choosing the right company with knowledgeable leadership can help grow your client base. It also means you have someone with proven success for their services and products, and you don’t have to develop something new within your company.

6. Always Advancing

Even if your first idea proves to be a hit, don’t let that stop you from drumming up other new ideas! Even if you choose to partner with other companies to expand your services, you can still develop your own products. Ziebart continued to expand his business by delving into other aspects of the automotive industry.

Over the years, Ziebart introduced rust eliminator, paint chip repair, and many other solutions. This helped to advance his company as a whole, offering multiple types of products for their customers to use.

7. International Expansion

Even if you start your business in your hometown, don’t be afraid to take the business to the next level. Expanding in the United States is a wise move to make when you’re first starting the company. However, the bigger you grow within the territory, the more options you will have if you begin looking overseas.

Ziebart took the opportunity to expand into Canada due to the close proximity to one of his first shops. The company performed well in this area, continuing to grow in the area. This shows that new ideas can also expand to other areas throughout the world, and help grow your business exponentially.

Overall, Ziebart designed a revolutionary product to begin his business. He believed in himself and pushed through difficult times, which resulted in a successful franchising company. Considering following in his footsteps by investing in your future with DetailXPerts. Our company has a patent-pending extraordinary steam-cleaning system that utilizes eco-friendly methods.


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