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5 Reasons to Employ Only ASE Certified Technicians in Your Auto Repair Shop

5 Reasons to Employ an ASE Certified Technician in Your Auto Repair Shop

5 Reasons to Employ Only ASE Certified Technicians in Your Auto Repair Shop

Opening an auto repair shop requires a lot of time, work, and the right equipment. However, even with the best equipment, you need to hire the proper employees to operate the machines. This is why only hiring an ASE certified technician is a great decision for your auto repair shop.

What is ASE?

ASE is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The non-profit organization strives to improve the quality of vehicle repair services through testing and certifying automotive professionals. The company was founded in 1972 . Since then, around 300,000 people in the automotive industry now hold ASE Certifications.

Why Should You Have a Certification?

Protecting the automotive consumer, shop owner, and technician are the main reasons why the ASE organization exists. Testing and certifying technicians allow all parties an overall view of the skills of a technician. Additionally, auto repair professionals that earn this certification prove that they are well-trained and knowledgeable in their field.

Why an ASE Certified Technician?


The requirements begin with either two years of on the job training or one year of training with a two-year automotive degree. Once they finish, a challenging test created by professionals in the field must be taken and passed.  Only  two of every three test-takers succeed on their first attempt. Technicians then must retake the test every five years as an effort to keep up with the advancing technology.

In addition to becoming an ASE certified technician, these professionals can also go a step further and receive an ASE Master Certification. This requires a more thorough test and includes a larger number of vehicles such as truck equipment, buses, engines, collision repair, etc. The process is rigorous and tough to pass. Additionally, this ASE certification must be retaken every 5 years to maintain as well.

Advancing Technology

Our world is constantly changing and improving, especially in the technology industry. From Bluetooth to GPS tracking, cars continue to improve every year. In response, technicians continue expanding their knowledge to encompass these improvements. ASE certification guarantees that your potential employees will remain up-to-date with advancing technology in the field. ASE focuses on promoting an environment of constant learning and improving.


Trained ASE professionals have standardized rates across different clients and regions. Mechanics without ASE certification may charge you more because they are still trying to afford training. Since ASE certified technicians generally have more experience in the field, and will normally take less time to repair vehicles, they also save money on labor fees. In addition, this eliminates the amount of mistakes technicians might make on vehicles.

Continuous Learning

ASE certified technicians continue to learn even after they receive their certification. For example, if they don’t pass the re-certification test every five years, they lose their certification. This guarantees that anyone ASE certified has the proper skills to work on a wide range of vehicles.

However, with non-certified technicians, you have no guarantee that they are trained in the proper methods. They do not have proof that they have any official training.


ASE professionals attend a form of trade school, as well as, possess experience in the field. Furthermore, any technician that operates on your vehicle has first-hand experience on the subject. Customers coming into a mechanic shop want to know that their car is being fixed by a reliable person. Having an ASE certified technician attracts more business and establishes more trust between your business and customers. ASE certified technicians are proven to be more productive and resolve the issue the first time.

Displaying ASE Certification

Many times, when going to a mechanics, you might see that their business displays an ASE certified seal. However, only one mechanic in the entire business has to be certified to show the form.  A customer can ask which technician is ASE certified.

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