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5 Places It’s Good to Build Your Self-Service Car Wash

Build Your Self-Service Car Wash

5 Places It’s Good to Build Your Self-Service Car Wash

A car wash is normally a great investment for entrepreneurs seeking to open a business. One that provides good service with well-kept equipment excels in the industry. However, a terrible location can ruin even a high-quality business. Here are five of the best places to build a self-service car wash.

5 Places to Build a Self-Service Car Wash

Near a Walmart

A high-traffic area is one of the location requirements for a new self-service car wash. Thus, anywhere by a Walmart has higher potential of being frequented by customers. On average, Walmart has 383,561 customers a day in the U.S. alone. That creates plenty of opportunities for people to see and use your car wash.

One of the biggest reasons some might decide to visit your car wash might be convenience. If a consumer’s car is dirty, they may just decide to clean their car simply because the service offers easy access.

Near a Mall or Shopping Strip

Building a wash near strip malls or similar locations has the benefit of heavy traffic as well. It has a lower traffic speed, giving people more time and opportunity to think. In addition, you will not only be getting customers that are visiting one location, but multiple. This means that the crowd will be more diverse due to the variety of shops. Furthermore, people shopping around more than likely have the money to spend on washing their car as well.

Next to a Stop Sign or a Light

Building a self-service car wash near a stop sign is a fantastic idea, because it allows for ease of entering and exiting. This could even be the difference in losing or gaining a customer to a nearby competitor. A car wash built near a stop sign or light has the added advantage of safety. It is a lot easier and safer to turn into a car wash when incoming traffic is stopped or slowed. Additionally, this allows drivers time to sit at traffic lights and might influence their decision to visit.

Near Convenience Stores

Nowadays, most convenience stores double as gas stations. These stores usually have about 1,100 customers per day. Bear in mind that the reason behind the success of these stores is convenience. Their customers value that convenience over money. A car wash near a high-traffic area like a gas station creates an opportunity for consumers to use it as an add-on service.

Near Neighborhoods or Apartments

As you probably already know there is a large percentage of consumers who opt to wash their cars themselves. However, an issue with many apartment complexes is the lack of a dedicated area where tenants can wash their vehicles. Additionally, many apartments do not have easy access to an area to use to a hose.

Thus, this is where establishing a self-service car wash near an apartment complex begins to show its advantages.  Building your self-service car wash in an area such as this will allow you the opportunity to obtain business from residents nearby.

Conclusion and Bonus

There are many things to consider when establishing a self-service car wash. Everything from demographics, size, traffic, and other businesses nearby are just a few things. For example, another great area to consider is one with fast food franchises nearby. Many of the considerations for where to place a food franchise are similar to where to establish a car wash.

If a self-service car wash does not appear to be the route you want to take, consider DetailXPerts. We are an eco-friendly mobile auto-detailing company, so location is not a problem!

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