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5 Innovative Car Wash Sales Tactics

5 Innovative Car Wash Sales Tactics

Car wash sales have been climbing steadily for the past twenty years, thanks in equal measure to the incredible increase in automobile manufacturing and to the greater number of car wash owners who don’t have the time to clean up after themselves. More cars mean more customers and therefore more business for your typical mom-and-pop car wash shop.

But today’s highly competitive business environment is very different, pushing entrepreneurs to have to constantly think of ways to set themselves apart from the competition. New business models are being established every day, from big cross-country chains with franchises to one-man operations.

If you’re new to the car wash business, reading up on industry statistics and news is definitely a big step towards learning more about what you’re getting into. Plus, once you’ve already covered the basics, you can now move on towards crafting new and better solutions to grow your car wash business.

Let’s get started with five new ways to turn your sales into profits:

1.Set up a corporate website

More and more people are turning to the Internet for information on just about anything under the sun. Take advantage of this e-business platform by establishing your business website right from the beginning. This allows you to reach the most number of people with the least amount of effort. But once you’ve already set up your website, be sure to update it regularly with fresh content. Customers love a website that offers relevant, updated content because it makes them feel as if the business really cares about them.

2.Offer more payment options

Majority of the demographic of loyal car wash customers is comprised of working moms, jetsetter dads, and busy young professionals. These are the type of people who love to multitask wherever they are. So, to make things easier for them and for you as well, it’s a good idea to partner with different payment facilities to ensure that you get paid on time. Your customers can book a mobile detailing service with you while waiting at the airport for his next flight home and pay for the services on the spot. However, don’t forget to ensure that your online payment facility is safe and secure. Your customers will certainly remember you when they get there monthly credit card statement.

3.Sell in online marketplaces

Places like ebay and Amazon are great for boosting your sales, especially if you’re selling your own brand of car wash products that DIY enthusiasts can use them in their own homes. Of course, you can also pave the way for online shopping on your own website so that you get all your bases covered. Link your website to the online marketplace so you can reach more and more customers and let them know about the wonderful car wash products that you sell.

4. Know your target market in order to anticipate their needs before they arise

Creative, forward-thinking salespersons know that their target market’s needs and wants are always in flux. That’s why they constantly monitor market trends and purchasing patterns. Put your research to good use by incorporating it into your next car wash sales strategy. Once you already know what your target market is, you can make inferences as to how it will react in the foreseeable future. Are your customers likely to need more car washes in the summer or in the winter? Will they want to try waterless car washing for a change? When you know the answers, you can cater to their needs ahead of everybody else, and thus earn a bigger profit than your competitors.

5. Make social networking websites work for you

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are just some of the most frequently used social media today. Anyone with a smartphone can easily inquire about your end-of-Christmas promo or the new presidential detailing package that you’re offering. This is also a great platform for you to get to know your market more and to respond to feedback faster. When your customers know that you’re always listening to them, they’ll be more than happy to talk to you about their preferences, thoughts, and observations. All you have to do is to tweak your business as necessary.

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