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5 Business Amenities for Better Car Wash Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

5 Business Amenities for Better Car Wash Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

5 Business Amenities for Better Car Wash Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Like all entrepreneurs, car wash business owners strive to keep their customers happy. And what better way to give them the satisfaction they are searching for than giving them access to business amenities which can provide them with the luxury of having their cars detailed as they enjoy products or services that are available in those amenities?

What Business Amenities Can Boost Car Wash Revenue and Customer Satisfaction?

True, customers go to car washes to have their vehicles cleaned or detailed, but adding the business amenities below can increase your profits and promote customer satisfaction and loyalty as well.

1. Laundry shop

Your customers will appreciate you for the time and effort savings that the laundry shop in your car wash business can provide them with. Instead of spending extra time and effort for taking their dirty clothing in other laundry shops, they can just sit back and relax as their cars and laundry get cleaned simultaneously. And since soap is used for the customers’ laundry and the car wash’s towels and other fabrics, the car wash owner can save more from buying soap by bulk.

2. Convenience store

This is one of the business amenities that all car wash owners should consider. A store that has a little bit of anything and everything is a sure hit for customers who want to do some shopping while waiting in line. Stock up on a variety of sodas, chips, candies, gums and other snacks as these products look enticing especially to your customer’s children. Throw in some kitchen items like eggs, milk and bread for the housewives who always seem to run out of these ingredients. Your customers’ satisfaction translates to more profits for you.

3. Garden with children’s playground

Turn your auto spa into a family get-away every weekend by installing a beautiful garden with a playground. Parents will thank you for this value-added service that will give them some time to socialize with other parents as their kids busy themselves on the playground. This is one of the business amenities that can improve your public image and increase customer loyalty.

4. Barber shop/salon

Your clients will appreciate these business amenities because they can have their hair trimmed, colored or waxed as their cars get the detailing they need. Offer foot or body spa to make them feel refreshed and rejuvenated. This spells additional income for you.

5. Cafeteria

A cafeteria can provide your clients with a nice, covered place to sit and eat as they get their cars detailed. Set it up with WiFi and their chances of staying and ordering more food and drinks increases because they can browse the internet or even do some business. Not to mention that their children can enjoy playing their online games on their tablets or smartphones. This means additional profit for you. Serve mouthwatering dishes and your clients will definitely come back for more and may even consider your cafeteria as their go to place whenever they need something to tickle their taste buds and fill their stomachs as well.

Business amenities like laundry shops, convenience stores and cafeterias can encourage customer loyalty and consequently boost car wash sales.

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