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24 Hour Car Wash – Pros and Cons of Running One

24 Hour Car Wash – Pros and Cons of Running One

Whether you love it or you hate it, 24 hour car wash and other all-nighter businesses are here to stay. Depending on past experiences with them and how close one is located to them, the jury is still out as to whether they are a godsend or a nuisance.

Pros – 24 hour car wash

The work hours of many have become more flexible, they may have early morning shifts or late night ones. Although that is common in the healthcare, mainstream media, and freight forwarding sectors, it now includes people who work from home and on the internet, like computer programmers and so forth. If you were in their shoes, chances are you would prefer to get your car washed at your convenience.

Today’s demographics and lifestyles are unlike those a generation ago. They are busier and think nothing of pulling all nighters for work or for play. Moreover, in a consumer-centric world, consumers have more say in when and how they shop. If you happen to be in a location where these demographics and growing trends exist, running a 24 hour car wash could mean new opportunities and revenue streams.

Cons – 24 hour car wash

On the other side of the coin, many community members often raise legitimate concerns about the level of noise and litter when polled on the possibility of such businesses opening up in their neighborhoods. It is common for people to associate the presence of say a 24 hour car wash with the probability of lower quality of life in the area. In view of the minimally staffed operations, the incidence of crime such as burglaries may well increase.

Two huge challenges in running a round-the-clock car wash is foot traffic and staffing issues. You must do the market research to figure out if there are enough customers to justify the costs of opening what is essentially three sets of opening hours: nine to five, five to one, and one to nine. Three opening time slots translate into scheduling in and paying for three staff shifts, which is a lot more in labor costs.

Let’s say there is the foot traffic to justify your proceeding with these opening times, and you have existing and new staff that can be scheduled in. Your next challenge will be one of health and safety. These compromises will take a toll on body and mind connection and may make your team members more vulnerable to health issues, slip ups, and accidents. As the owner of the 24 hour car wash, all of this will come back to rest on your shoulders.

A Compromise

You have to be meticulous about weighing in the pros and cons before making this kind of commitment. Rather than jumping in lock, stock and barrel into a 24 hour car wash, a better way might be to test the waters by extending your operating hours.

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