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10 Auto Reconditioning Supplies That Will Help You Bump the Price of Your Old Car

10 Auto Reconditioning Supplies to Boost Your Used Car Price

10 Auto Reconditioning Supplies That Will Help You Bump the Price of Your Old Car

Are you considering selling your old car so you can buy a new one? Of course, you would like to get more money from it, right? Here’s a tip: use the right auto reconditioning supplies to uplift the looks, smell, and ultimately, the value of your car.

What Is Vehicle Reconditioning?

Think of auto reconditioning as levelled-up detailing. When you recondition your car, you restore the beauty of all areas of your prized possession from the roof all the way down to its tires. You’ll get rid of dents, scratches, sunspots, hard water spots, and other paint imperfections from the exterior. Your car’s interior, on the other hand, will smell and look like new because all traces of damage and contamination will be removed, from cigarette burns to annoying odors.

But which vehicle reconditioning supplies should you add to your detailing arsenal? Read on and find out.

Up the Value of Your Car with These 10 Auto Reconditioning Supplies

1. Headlight Restoration Kit

Have you used toothpaste to restore the beauty of your headlights to no avail? Well, it’s because toothpaste can only do so much. What you need is a headlight restoration kit that contains different grits of sandpaper, a cleaning solution, a sufficient amount of product to restore a couple of headlights, along with complete instructions. You’ll also need a pair of gloves, painter’s masking tape, and some lint-free paper towels to do the job.

How to Use:

Clean the headlights thoroughly. Dry.

Enclose the headlight with masking tape. This is to keep the cleaning solution away from your car’s paint and to ensure that you don’t accidentally scratch the paint while sanding.

Inspect your headlights carefully. You need to do this so you can determine the proper grit of sandpaper to use. Oxidized and yellowish headlights need a  400-grit sandpaper. Otherwise, you’re good with a 600-grit then gradually move up to the higher grit sandpaper that goes with the headlight restoration kit. A good rule to keep in mind is this: the lower the sandpaper, the coarser it is.

Spray the headlight with water. Sand it in a circular motion. Don’t forget to spray the headlight with water from time to time. Then progress to the higher grit pad, this time sanding horizontally.

Clean the area. Then seal your work with some clear coat.

2. Car Trim Restorer

Using plastic or rubber dressing on your vehicle’s trims may look good initially. However, because these products evaporate quickly, your old car’s trims will look dull again sooner. This is why a car trim restorer is best for your door handles, bumper cover, fender, bed liner, mud flap, wiper arms, and so on. It contains substances that can make your trims beautiful and shiny longer.

To do the job, you’ll need a trim restorer and a foam or microfiber applicator.

How to Use:

Give your car a thorough wash and dry.

Run a clay bar all over your car to ensure that no contaminants are left behind.

Put some trim restorer on a foam applicator, then apply it on the trim using a back-and-forth motion. Let dry. Apply another layer if desired.

3. Carpet Dye

Got car carpet stains that prove difficult to remove? Before considering replacing your carpet, try a carpet dye first. It works by covering those unsightly spots. You can choose from a wide array of colors to match your carpet.

You’ll need carpet dye concentrate, a spray bottle, wash cloth, scrub brush, stain remover and a vacuum cleaner.

How to Use:

Remove the carpet from your car.

Vacuum to remove loose dirt and other contaminants.

Apply stain remover to affected areas. The cleaner your carpet, the better it would look after dyeing.

Wash and dry the carpet thoroughly.

Spray the dye on the carpet. Spread the product evenly using the scrub brush.

Dry thoroughly.

4. Paint Chip Repair Kit

Unsightly paint chips do not only ruin the appearance of your car but also allow water to seep into the metal underneath, leading to rusting if left unattended. To fix this, you’ll need a good paint chip repair kit. This typically includes some touch-up paint (you can choose a color that matches your car), color prep and remover, towels, microfiber polishing towel, and cotton swabs. You’ll also need a plastic toothpick and some painter’s masking tape.

How to Use:

Wash and dry your car thoroughly.

Enclose the affected area with painter’s masking tape.

Check the paint chips for loose edges. If there are any, use the plastic toothpick to lift and remove the loose edges. Clean the area with a towel.

Use a cotton swab to apply some color remover to the area. This is to ensure no paint is left behind.

Apply the color prep with a cotton swab. Allow to dry.

Then apply the touch-up paint. Once dry, level the area with a microfiber polishing towel.

5. Paintless Dent Repair Kit

Dents undoubtedly decrease the value of your vehicle. One of the auto reconditioning supplies you can use to fix them is a paintless dent removal or repair kit. It comes with a complete set of tools to do the job.

How to Use:

Clean and dry your car thoroughly.

This involves a complex process so it is best to follow the instructions that come with the kit.

6. Vinyl/Leather Repair Kit

This is ideal for repairing cuts, tears, or burns on your vinyl or leather. This kit usually comes with everything you need to do the job, from graining paper molds to leather mizing paper. It includes detailed instructions, too.

How to Use:

Clean the area. Prepare all the auto reconditioning supplies you need. Take note, however, that this repair involves a complex process, so it is best to follow the instructions that come with the kit.

7. Cigarette Burn Repair Kit

Does your car have unsightly cigarette burns? Then, this might be the product for you. A cigarette burn repair kit is one of the auto reconditioning supplies that usually contains a variety of velour colors, adhesive, hogs hair brush for smooth and even application, among others.

If you’ll be working on leather, choose a kit that doesn’t include a heat tool. Heat tools are better used for vinyl.

How to Use:

Clean the area, making sure that no contaminants are left behind.

Follow the instructions included in the kit.

8. Glass Repair Kit

No matter how careful we are, sometimes small rocks or other objects can hit the windshield or windows of our car, causing small cracks. Unattended, these cracks can get bigger. To perform a good window or windshield chip repair, you’ll need a glass repair kit.

Such a kit typically contains all the tools and materials needed to do the job.

How to Use:

Clean the glass.

Get the razor blade included in the package and scrape any loose glass.

Apply glass cleaner. Let dry.

Use the suction cup. Center it on the affected area.

Insert the repair tube into the suction cup. Once done, pour some resin into the tube.

Let it set. Remove the suction cup then place a finishing film. Make sure to flatten the area with a razor blade.

When dry, peel the plastic film.

9. Odor Remover

One of the things that turn off second-hand car buyers is a foul-smelling car. The smell of mildew or cigarette smoke smell can be difficult to remove. This is where odor removing auto reconditioning supplies can help.

There are so many options for removing interior car odors nowadays. We strongly suggest using organic-based products that leave no harmful residues that might affect your health and wellness.

How to Use:

Simply attach it to your car’s vent.

10. Tire Restorer

To complete the look of your like-new vehicle, you’ll need to restore the beauty of your tires, too. There’s a wide variety of tire restorers that can transform your tires from dull to glam!

How to Use:

Clean the tires, making sure that no contaminants are left behind.

Apply some tire restorer.

Once dry, buff with a soft brush or towel.

These auto reconditioning supplies can help bring back the beautiful appearance of your car. Use them with caution. Read product instructions carefully, so that you don’t damage your vehicle.

Now, if best results are what you’re after, schedule an appointment with us. We use the best auto reconditioning supplies for our auto detailing services. These will definitely improve your vehicle’s appearance and ultimately bump your used car price!

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