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You Are Killing Me

You Are Killing Me



Not many people care about their heart.  This is a bold statement to make but none the less the truth.  You would think the weather would slow people down from smoking. Who wants to stand in seventeen degree weather smoking? Nope, that does not stop smokers one last bit.  As a non smoker I do not understand why they steadily want to kill themselves by weakening their heart.  It is a fact that cigarette smoking kills more Americans than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murders even drugs.  Perhaps smokers have the mentality that it won’t happen to me.  What they should keep in mind is no one is excluded.

Alarmingly, to say that the average age of a new smoker is thirteen years old.  WOW!  This child is only in the six or seventh grade.  This leaves me to believe their guardian and or siblings are smokers and they are stealing the cigarettes from them.  If we want cigarette smoking to stop it has to start at home, with parents.  Parents who are in their child’s life by asking questions daily and checking their belongings most definitely help the percentage go down.

Wasn’t it just recently the government increased the federal tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products which lead to higher cigarette prices? Having to spend extra money out of their pocket had some smokers quit.  That is exactly where we want to hit smokers…their pockets.  I believe it is a great tactic.  Honestly I see the government doing smokers a favor by raising the prices. Some may say they are money hungry, but I see them looking out for your heart.   Another way to hit them in their pockets is by raising their health insurance.   All companies should raise health insurance on their employees if they are smokers.   This should happen because they will visit the hospital more times than someone who eats right and works out regularly.  If you are a smoker and you do not like the prices of cigarettes and your health insurance – QUIT.


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