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DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly steam car detailer franchise. Our unique patent-pending technology saves tons of water. Thousands of satisfied customers around the country and beyond its borders recognize its uniqueness, brilliant results and environmental friendliness.

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Van Detailing Services

“I was speechless after I saw my van!”

Dexter H.

Protect your investment by making sure your van gets a first-rate clean. Our professional van detailing services cover everything from sanitizing the interior to polishing paintwork. You’ll love the before-and-after difference. 

Our team works with pressurized steam and biodegradable solutions to sterilize surfaces and upholstery without wasting water. Whether your van is for personal use or business purposes, we guarantee you’ll look good on the road thanks to professional van detailing.

Enjoy a more comfortable driving experience with our trusted van detailing services.

Professional Van Detailing Services With Steam

Interior Van Detailing to Maximize Comfort

You’ll enjoy a more comfortable driving experience when the inside of your van is spotlessly clean. Our technicians follow checklists to ensure nothing is overlooked. Interior detailing includes this and more:

  • Stain removal
  • Clean AC vents
  • Odor-free interior
  • Steam clean high-touch points
  • Sanitize carpets and upholstery

Exterior Van Detailing for a Pristine Appearance

You don’t need to worry about grime and pollutants stealing the shine from your paintwork. Our professional team will remove all traces of dirt from the van exterior in the greenest way. They will also:

  • Polish exterior mirrors
  • Clean wheels and tires
  • Steam and shine windows
  • Wax and polish paint to protect against the elements
Exterior Detailing
Interior Detailing
Air Sanitization
Handlegrip Sterilization

Mobile Van Detailing: Additional Benefits for You

  • May help maintain the resale value of your van
  • Clean and maintain the exterior to help prevent rust and corrosion
  • Remove dust, allergens, and bacteria to create a healthier interior space
  • Great value for money, and we have special offers to help you save more
  • Eco-friendly steam cleaning technology to help protect the environment
  • Organic steam van washing and van detailing service ensures long-lasting results

Experience the Convenience

You don’t need to travel miles for professional van detailing services; we come to you! Our friendly team will turn up at your place in a fully equipped van with all they need to clean your van. And you can trust our green credentials. We use organic products and professional steam-cleaning equipment for van detailing. Our methods are time-saving and effective. 

First, check to see if we service your area. Then schedule an appointment at your location, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Look forward to a cleaner and healthier driving experience with our van detailing services.

Curious for More?

If you’re interested in the latest green tech that cleans deeper than a traditional auto wash, our van detailing services are for you. We don’t use harsh detergents or waste gallons of water. Instead, we use steam and water-saving methods to transform your van.

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