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Traveling on Thanksgiving Day? Here Are Some Road Safety Tips

Traveling on Thanksgiving Day

Traveling on Thanksgiving Day? Here Are Some Road Safety Tips

Thinking of traveling on Thanksgiving Day? Cool! After all, it’s that special day when millions of people hit the road to attend reunions, parties, or simple get-togethers. That spells fun, fun, fun! However, traveling on Thanksgiving Day is actually quite risky as it is considered one of the most dangerous holidays to be on the road. To ensure that you’ll arrive to your destination safely and securely, and have that fun that you so rightfully deserve, here are some tips.

Safety Tips When Traveling on Thanksgiving Day

Before Traveling

1. Create a Checklist

A checklist ensures you have everything you need, from food to personal effects to emergency essentials. Some of the things you need on your checklist: flashlights, batteries, biscuits, some chocolate bars, water, medicine, first aid kit, extra cellphone batteries, etc.

2. Check the Weather Update

Don’t leave home without checking the latest weather updates. This will allow you to take another route or cancel your plans altogether.

3. Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids and Batteries

Oil, gas, wiper fluid, brake fluid, air conditioner fluid – all of these, you’ve got to check a day or two before traveling on Thanksgiving Day. Change oil if necessary. Find the recommended schedule in your vehicle owner’s manual. Fill up your gas tank. Bring two containers – one for extra gasoline, the other for water. Check your batteries, too. This will ensure that your car’s starter and anti-theft system work as they should.

4. Check Your Tires

Your tires should be balanced and have enough pressure. How would you know the right amount of pressure for your tires? Check the numbers under the manufacturer’s name. It might look like “Max. Press. 35 PSI”. That’s the amount of pressure your tires need, minus about 3 PSI. Don’t fill your tires to the max. This can shorten their life. Also, the best time to fill them up is first thing in the morning.

5. Clean Your Vehicle Inside and out

Since you’ll be staying cooped in your vehicle for several hours, it’ll be a good idea to clean your vehicle thoroughly inside and out. Better yet, steam clean the interior to get rid of harmful germs and bacteria that can make you or your passengers sick.

5. No to Overloading

Too many passengers and baggage can cause your vehicle’s engine to overwork. Check your car’s manual for maximum weight limit and stick to it.

During Traveling

1. Keep Your Cool

Is the traffic too much to bear? Is the driver of the car next to you proving to be a pest? Yet, stay calm. Listen to your favorite music. A hot temperament won’t get you anywhere.

2. Buckle up

Countless accidents that led to lifelong injuries and deaths stem from not wearing seat belts. So, make sure everyone’s wearing their seat belts properly. Very small children should be in their car seat, while those under 13 should be seated at the rear. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Buckle up for everyone’s safety.

3. Use Your GPS

Regardless of how familiar you are with the place you’ll be visiting, it’s always a good idea to use your GPS. It will save you a lot of time from searching for alternative routes (remember that Thanksgiving translates to traffic) and keep you safe by avoiding suspicious areas. Moreover – your GPS will remember the route your taking, so locating it on your next visit will be easier.

4. Check on Your Children and/or Pets

Ahh, children and pets. We love them, yes, but they can be quite a handful while traveling. Therefore check them from time to time to make sure nobody’s sticking their arms or head out the window or removing their seat belt. Moreover, ensure they have enough food and water too.

5. Keep Your Hands off Your Phone

Millions of accidents have happened because of the driver being distracted by a cellphone. Therefore, if you need to answer an important call or text, move your vehicle to the road’s shoulder and stop driving.

6. Be Obedient

This is especially true if you’ll be traveling on Thanksgiving Day to a different state or country. As they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Therefore, follow all road signs and heed signals. As much as possible, do not overtake. So if  you’re apprehended by the local authorities, cooperate.

In Conclusion

These are just some tips you can use if you’re planning on traveling on Thanksgiving Day. Now if you want your vehicle to be as squeaky clean and fresh-smelling, Thanksgiving or not, schedule an appointment with us.

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