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Demystifying Performance Capabilities for Cleaning Companies

performance capabilities for cleaning companies

Demystifying Performance Capabilities for Cleaning Companies

You may have heard talk about the performance capabilities for cleaning companies. But what exactly does this mean? And why is it so crucial to the hiring process? First, we can break down this business concept by means of a simple explanation. Basically, performance capabilities refer to what a cleaning company “can do” and what it has accomplished.

DetailXPerts Performance Capabilities

Next, why do you need to know about the performance capabilities for cleaning companies? Well, if you want to hire a janitorial service, you must choose the best. Otherwise, it is a waste of your time and money. For instance, some companies don’t have enough trained staff to keep up with client demand. In contrast, others stand out for their superior work ethic even during busier times. Which company would you prefer to hire?


Current and Past Performance Capabilities for Cleaning Companies

If you need to outsource cleaning work, you might find our guide helpful: Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Janitorial Service. And to ensure your hiring process goes to plan, we can help further demystify performance capabilities for cleaning companies with these 6 examples:


  1. Skilled Professionals

Cleaning companies need highly skilled employees if they are to meet contractual obligations. A capable team is well trained. Furthermore, they are reliable and responsible, and this kind of positive behavior reinforces brand image. You can expect the following from a team of skilled staff:

  • Knowledgeable about their commercial cleaning equipment
  • Have a systematic approach to their work. To illustrate, they will use checklists and schedules to leave your building space immaculate.
  • Be aware of health and safety protocols
  • Show up on time, every time
  • Look and act professional

Ongoing training is essential, too. It ensures cleaning staff and management don’t fall behind industry standards. Moreover, it is important to keep up with the latest trends and advancements because the car wash industry is so competitive.


  1. Technology and Methods Used

Technology makes a real difference to the performance capabilities for cleaning companies. If a company uses dated equipment, it affects its ability to do a great job. In contrast, the latest tech and tools ensure a more efficient clean. For example, DetailXPerts’ commercial cleaning services are powered by green tech. We use industry-leading steam technology to guarantee clean and sanitized results.

Expert cleaning methods also help boost performance. These methods include using high-grade commercial cleaning supplies. Again, DetailXPerts takes a green approach. We use eco methods and materials for best results. Steam cleaning with organic products kills 99% of germs and bacteria. It is also a safe cleaning method, creating a healthy space for your people.


  1. Performance Capabilities for Cleaning Companies: Team Size

Team size can give a good insight into a company’s cleaning capabilities. For example:

  • More employees can share a greater workload than a much smaller team
  • A bigger workforce quickly adapts to extra work. This includes working with organizations of all sizes, from office cleaning services to large government contracts.
  • Team size includes a top management team. They communicate well with colleagues and clients to ensure each job runs smoothly.

Note, the main focus should be quality over quantity. A large team is only effective if everyone is great at what they do.

Additionally, high employee retention can also say a lot about a cleaning company’s culture and values. People who are happy at work tend to remain loyal to the company. Clients benefit as a result. You get the same cleaning team each time. The technicians become familiar with the environment and your requirements. And this brings consistency to the job, so everything goes to plan.


  1. Experience

What other signs separate one cleaning company from the next? Years of experience count a great deal. Here are the main reasons why:

  • An experienced cleaning company learns how to overcome challenges quickly and effectively.
  • Years of work experience builds trust – clients are confident that the cleaning team can apply their skills to the job and do it well
  • Experience also relates to the type and size of contracts. For example, government janitorial cleaning contracts may need a team who offer specialized services.
  • Educational experience is also important – see Qualifications.

Also, ask about the facilities they have cleaned in the past. For instance, if you want restaurant cleaning services you need a team who can prove their capabilities in this environment. The same logic applies if you need medical office cleaning. Not everyone knows how to do medical cleaning work. And there are rules regarding the handling and disposal of hazardous materials.


  1. Qualifications, Accreditations, and Awards

What else proves a company is capable? You can ask about qualifications and accreditations. A reputable cleaning company is registered, insured, and bonded. Also, check if they have won any awards. This information can give you the bigger picture, illustrating exactly what the company does well.

For example, DetailXPerts is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business with an A+ rating. It also has many certifications including Energy Star and Small Business Enterprise (SBE). We have won multiple awards, too, such as Best Car Detail Shops in Detroit 2022 and Best Customer Service 2022.


  1. Client Reviews

One of the easiest ways to assess the performance capabilities for cleaning companies is simply to ask around or read about them online. Talk to people who have hired a cleaning firm. Were they satisfied with the service? Here is a quick checklist:

  • Read reviews of a company’s past performance. For example, praise for good communication often crops up in glowing reviews.
  • Ask about past clients and contracts. It gives you a better idea of a company’s ability to serve.
  • What is the cleaning company’s client retention rate? High customer satisfaction and loyal customers are sure signs you can trust a cleaning company to deliver great work.
  • Does the team always show up, and show up on time?
  • Are they socially responsible? This includes an eco-friendly approach to cleaning.
  • Does their cleaning technology enable them to work faster and more effectively?

The answers will make your hiring process much easier. To sum up, your goal is to get a great service and value for money. Don’t settle for less.



Now you have a clearer idea of the performance capabilities for cleaning companies. This info will help you with your research, enabling you to hire with confidence. To sum up, finding a skilled workforce with a proven track record gives you peace of mind. You know you will get high quality work. And value for money.

Above all, speak to satisfied customers. Their feedback provides great insight into how a cleaning company performs. For instance, you can read what our customers have to say about our mobile cleaning capabilities. Download 6 Organizational Leaders Who Trust DetailXPerts Share Why.

DetailXPerts is a scalable commercial cleaning service that adapts to the needs of its clients. Our steam cleaning methods restore your space to its cleanest state. Moreover, we have 20+ years in the mobile cleaning business. So, you can trust us to keep your spaces clean!

DetailXPerts Performance Capabilities

Schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts online. Tell us what you need and the size of your facility. And a member of our trusted management team will be in touch to discuss service options and the start date. Let’s work together. Our award-winning team is here to help.


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