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Clean Air Equals Healthy Heart

Clean Air Equals Healthy Heart



Eating, smoking, coughing and sneezing are just a few things we do in our vehicles. In other words you are simply spreading germs in your vehicle’s cabin. We spend a tremendous amount of time in our cars and not many people actually calculate how much time is spent there. One hour here, two hours there and it’s a safe bet to say you spend more time in your car than in your own dining room.

It is essential to have your vehicle sanitized and sterilized.

All things that you allow to go on in your car you have complete control over. You should never allow someone to smoke inside your car. If you care at all about your health and heart, you would not contribute to help someone kill you. Smoking is not good for your heart, especially in a closed area. The next time a cigarette is sparked in your car, keep in mind a smoker exposes you to secondhand smoke levels as high or higher as those in a smoke-filled bar. And you can see what we can no longer do in bars. Protect yourself and your loved ones by making your vehicle smoke-free. Not only does smoking affect your health, it affects the interior of your vehicle making the interiors cloth darken and creating bacteria.

People don't calculate how much time they spend in their cars - - keep them clean!

Many bacterias are lurking within your vehicle. Bacterias range from Staphylococcus to Bacillus Cereus but of course there are many more. Yeah, they are technical terms and may even sound foreign, but they contain elements your stomach will find extremely unfamiliar. These germs cause nausea, food poisoning and even vomiting. The germs enter your vehicle when you bring in dirt and soil from outside. The situation gets worse when you leave food in your car; dropping a fry and not picking it up to splattering a little coffee on the console. It is important to clean the interior of your vehicle just as you would your dining area, kitchen even bathroom!

When was the last time you gave your car a thorough interior cleaning?

Spring is in the air which means more time will be spent in your car. If eating and smoking is a must for you, it is extremely important to have your vehicle sterilized and sanitized. Having a professional sterilize and sanitize helps to kill the germs that linger around, especially if you have children present. Children are constantly touching and coughing on things while spreading germs. Sterilizing the interior of your vehicle gives your upholstery and seats the deep cleaning that it deserves. The next time you think about opening a bag of chips or pulling up to the drive through window you will think twice. Important facet to remember is GERMS are everywhere around us. They are non avoidable but there are cautious steps you can take to limit them. Clean air and a sterilized surface in your vehicle’s cabin will lead to a healthy heart.

Check out DetailXPerts Organic Interior Steam Cleaning – for perfect sanitation of your vehicle inside.


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