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Black Friday: The Beginning of the Shopping Season

Black Friday: It’s the Beginning of the Shopping Season

Black Friday: The Beginning of the Shopping Season

Since its inception, Black Friday has always been marked on the calendar as the official start of the holiday shopping season. The Friday that comes after Thanksgiving says to customers and businesses alike, “Ready! Set! Shop!”

History of the Terminology

The term originated in Philadelphia in relation to the heavy traffic on the day after the celebration of Thanksgiving. Vehicle’s wheels left many black markings on the road surface, hence the name. Another explanation came out that Black Friday was the turning point of the retailer’s financial status from red to black. Red meant financial loss from January to November. Then, several days before Thanksgiving, it would turn to black due to financial profit as Black Friday signals the start of holiday shopping.

It’s normally a long weekend starting from Thanksgiving all the way to what is now called Cyber Monday. During that time shoppers can find a wide selection of products and services with huge discounts and slashed off prices. Mostly, these are technology items and gadgets, laptops and other electronics. However, the trend also affects clothes, accessories, home appliances, books, and pretty much anything a business decides to sell.

Different types of business brands take different routes to Black Friday marketing. For example, there are stores that publish their Black Friday deals weeks before the sale date. Additionally, they send out emails about their offers and run other online as well as offline campaigns. On the other side come other businesses that would announce their in-store bargains just at the start of the day and would not have them available online at all.

Tips to Optimize Your Black Friday Shopping

1. List down What You Need to Buy

Expect that people who will shop on this day will be hurrying to get the best deals. So, if you do not have a list at hand, you might end up tired yet empty-handed. Buy things that you need because other stores have a high restocking fees especially for pricey items.

2. Prioritize Big Ticket Items

Give expensive technology items a priority on your list. It is much better to take advantage of a Black Friday special that saves you hundreds of dollars on a pricey computer than one that saves you something like $50 off a watch, right?

3. Form and Assign Groups to Organize Your Shopping Time

Have a specific group go to a store and buy the same items for everyone in the group, so you can maximize on the visits per store. The only exception to this idea would be for door-buster items, where only one purchase per person is allowed.

4. Ask for Price-Matching from the Store

Some stores have a price-matching policy, so you can simply approach the store supervisor and ask for this information. You can verify as well if the item is still available.

5. Scout for an Ideal Parking Place

You have to allot time in searching for the best place to park your car. Choose a location away from the sale area to avoid crowds of people coming in and out of the stores.


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There’s an extensive list of Black Friday bargain deals to choose from each season. However, you still need a solid plan and a wise approach to make the best of this shopping opportunity. Be organized, prioritize carefully, and enjoy the experience! DetailXPerts is at your service to make your Black Friday shopping fun even more pleasurable – just schedule an appointment with us and we’ll make your vehicle so clean and shiny the eco-friendly way, that you will not want any other detailer ever touch your ride again.

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