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A Healthy Heart – Cupids Love

A Healthy Heart – Cupids Love


A healthy heart should be the goal for everyone.  Everyone knows that the heart is a vital organ.  We cannot live without our heart.  When you look at the heart as a whole it is just a pump.  It is critical for all to know how the heart operates because like most pumps it can become clogged, breakdown and need repair.

Did you know that every forty-four seconds someone is dying of heart disease every day?

Unbelievable!  But this does not have to be you.  Becoming knowledgeable about what you can do to keep a healthy heart can save your life.

Attending a wedding, Super Bowl party or even hanging out at the club encourage alcohol consumption.  Numerous studies show that moderate drinking of alcohol may have a positive effect on your heart and decrease your chances of heart disease. It is when heavy drinking occurs that may damage our heart.  A heavy drinker is one who consumes more than three drinks daily and it is then your blood pressure rises.  Some do not consider alcohol as a drug but it is.

Another drug harmful to your heart is cigarettes.  In some way every cigarette you smoke damages your body.  Here is a smoking rule of thumb, for every cigarette you inhale your heart attack risk increases roughly 100%.  Smoking makes your heart beat an extra 10-25 times per minute causing it to become irregular.  Why would someone want to put that kind of pressure on their heart, which helps them stay alive?

Don’t drink much, quit smoking & exercise – this will help you strengthen your heart!

As you get older and grow out of your teenage years exercising becomes more predominate.  Many people exercise because they want to be fit and look nice in their clothes.  Exercising helps your heart in the following ways: strengthening the heart muscles, making heart more efficient, improving the flow of blood to the heart muscle and the hearts ability to handle stress.  The best kind of exercise is aerobic exercise, it helps to build endurance. For the exercise to be beneficial to your heart it should be done for at least thirty minutes four to six times per week.  To go hand in hand with exercising the food you intake can be helpful or harmful.

To honor February as the American Heart Month, don’t drink much, quit smoking, exercise and eat healthy – save yourself from a heart disease!


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